Sunday, 13 November 2011


so,, in this ''tech age'', it seems that evryone has a blog.. n it seems many more are jumping on da bandwagon trying not to fall behind..

me..? im just rying to get my thoughts heard, n maybe document my memories to share with others, or maybe im ''terikut-ikut'' with this new stream..? hahahah.. maybe im kiasu too kowt.. :P.. (fyi,, ''kiasu" is a singaporean term for fear of losing..) hehh..

so i guess im one of those kiasu bandwagon jumping people tu la kann..? :P.. anyways im new, n hoping to get better at this blogging thing.. help me grow as a blogger..! hwaiting..! XP

p/s: yeay me for da launching of my new blog..!! XD

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