Sunday, 13 November 2011


''if u cud have 1 wish, wat wud it be..?" sumone asked..
''wish for 1000 more wishes la dummy..! hahahhh" dats wat i wud answer..

but that was before i did sumting really stupid..
u c thers this girl i really liked, ''bunny'' as she reminded me alot about dat lil' cute creature..
we've been on and off since we wer 15, though most of da tyme we we're more off than on..
this year i gave myself one last boost of confidence to be her bf again, n afta  da 5th tyme, she agreed..

sumting i got her wen i was away.. :)

she gave me one last chance i thougt to myself, gotta make this ryte..
things went on fine for a while until, evryting made way south for me..
i was stressed with this n dat n got distracted till i neglect her..
not knowing dat she was part of the solution, not problem..
"b wt org cm xwujud je..." that was her exact words..

still, i acted as if she wud understand my situation, i wanted her to..
but i didnt even atleast try to understand her..
she gave me her heart, i took it, i kept it in a box, n left it on da shelf..
with a stupid thought dat she'll only be mine.. 
she was..
but only for so long..

i was good on paper, but not wen it comes to saying things on my mind,
with bad words, out came da stupidest thing i've ever said,
that was it, she was patient but had enuff,
2 weeks after we were discretely but officially a couple,
we we're off again, but this tyme i noe it's for good..

people say dat getting back with ur ex is like reading from an old book again n again,
u oredy noe how it ends..
but i noe it had all been my fault, not hers..

now,, almost 2 months after dat all happend,
i realized i really do love her,
i want her,
i need her,
i miss her,
but she'll never have me back,
she's too hurt to even talk to me again..
well its true wat they say that, u dont noe wat u've got till its gone...

the girl was perfect,,
this boy was really really stupid,,
Maisarah,, im sorry,, i hope u'll be happier now.. 

^- amalina n maisarah -^
p/s: i noe nobody's gonna read this but, i cant believe dat i cried remembering her..


  1. "if she comes back, she's yours. if she doesn't, it was never meant to be". :)

    amalina -- she looks like one of my friend. but, her name is SHIKIN.