Saturday, 19 November 2011


by tomorrow at midnight da one and a half month of UiTM's sem break will be officially over,,
nk tnye ea,, wat did u guys do during ur hollidays..?
go here n there..? mkn  angen smpy kembong..? holiday ngn fam..? waaaa... bezt..! :P
me..? at 1st nash nk gk ckp, "aq hibernate je sbulan stengah.. =,=.. " hehh..
p dats rily not da case..!!

plannye mmule nk je  stay at uma tdow je spnjg hari, evryday until sem break's over.. huhh..
p afta a week at uma snoring my head off literally, mata jd penat asyek tdow je mmnjg, to da extend dat i unintentionally woke up at 7am evy morning, then xtao langsong nk wtpe.. =,=''.. :P..

"go help dat at his company's carwash, kje xpnt, ad ps2, wifi, n astro..!" my mum said..
waaaa,,, dgr pown bez la kann..?
so on da 10th at of october at 10am, saye, Mohamed Nasharuddin Iskandar Shah pergi la ke '96 Car Care Saloon' yg teletak di Bukit Indah..
well, i did'nt go there alone though,, (mmg xla kann aq nk g ssowg) :P..
my buddy went along,, this dude ryte here,, Muhd Harith Bin Arbahi.. hehh..

seems gay huhh..? but believe me he's not.. hahahh, sorry buddy.. gurao je la dekk.. :P

actually ktowg smpy kol 9am, but round 10 bwu kdai tu bukak,
so we both jd pak guard la for dat whole hour.. hahahhh.. :P..
then my dad introduced us to da boss, and da boss intro us to our supervisor..
this guy ryte here..

Aizat a.k.a 'Lat'

da guy's name isAizat, but 4 sum reason he goes by 'Lat' instead..
wen he 1st walked in i tot, ''gr8..! cnne aq nk communicate ngn mamat cina ny..?! =,=''
turns out he was malay, org negri 9.. hahahahh,,
da 1st day was unusual 4 me sbb,
pernah pulak la kann this lil' boy named Mohamed Nasharuddin Iskandar Shah work..!
yes, i've never worked a day in my life till now (10th oct)..! :P..
boleh kate cm hell la gk dat 1st day,
''ny paleng siket la ny, belom rase ag lao krete bnyk..'' Lat said,,
n i was like.. "!@#$%^&*..???!".. =,=''
then da nex day Harith quit,, hahahah.. turns out wen we 1st came, he did'nt noe dat da job was a carwash.. hahahh.. my bad.. :P..
mmule ad 3 owg je kje, Lat, Harith, n myself..
sbb Harith quit, tggl 2 owg je la.. mmg penat, xpyh cyte r..
p agak bez r kje personally, being dat it was my 1st job n all..
yg beznye, bos ckp at my dad yg i'm a great employee, less talk n more work.. hahah.. :P..
then, lat said dat he liked me working with him, senang je,
n i was like, bangge skjp.. :P..
then msok 1month kje at ctu, dpt gaji n guess wat..?
gaji short.. =,=''.. so i quit da next day.. :P..
a day afte i quit, Lat quit gak, xthn kje kne mrh je ngn bos yg cm ape tu agknye.. hahahh..
so working tot me dat, i can't be too nice..! t jd pushover.. huhh..

i've planned to go n visit my twin, merangkap bestie, feat sahabat rapat smpy akher hayat at UM,, hehh..
n on da 4th nov at 8am, me n my best friend aka big bro nek bus heading to KL..
so in short, iwent to kl with this guy,,

Azuhairi Bin Adnan

to meet this guy.. :)

Mohd Aizuddin Bin Aziz

otw nk g jumpe our bro tu, agk confusing gk,,
ad gk sesat, SIKET je tp.. hehh.. 
otw, Azuhairi n i talk bout this n dat, btw tnx 4 da chat n all dealing with my problems..
"let ur heart be as strong as a spartan soldier.." i'll oways rmmber dat bro.. :)
tyme at kl sentral tu Aizuddin kononnye nk surprise ktowg by sneaking up on us, 
p spoilt coz ktowg sesat ag nk cari jln kua, my bad,, hehhh...
p jd r gak.. :).. dat day i met my twin afta omost 10monts xjumpe..! huhh.. :'P..
dat nyte ktowg jjln ksane kmari, nk snap pics of dat momentus day,,
but da camera yg ktowg bwk betrynye flat.. :P.. ad la pics siket, p at phone Aizuddin.. hehh.. :P..
nk balek pulak guess wat,,
ktowg ttgl bus..! on da day b4 aidiladha..! hahahh.. :P..
nseb baek ad Aizuddin yg settlekann.. hehhh.. :P..
dat was dat.. 

on 6th nov, i went out with my old long lost tuittion fwen,,
this lovely girl,, Anis Farhanah.. :D..

Anis.. :)

i came late (traffic), :P..
ktowg set to meet up at tmpt wyg,
she came with her other fwen, bdk uitm gkk..
tyme i 1st saw her tu, i was like "awwwwwwwwwww..."
she was so nicely dressed, 
gaye muslimah,
she was just like an angel (okehh enuff bragg.. :P..)
sejuk mate mmndg.. hehh..
so we went to mcd (my treat.. :P).. mkn2
then watched a movie, 'Tower Heist'..
walaoweyy,, lawak kowt..!! hahahh.. :P
but all good tings must come to n end..
i got a call saying i ave to go home, mum n dad ajak balek kg..
bummer.. huhh.. :P.. 
so dat was it,,
she text me ryte afta i reachd home, 
stupid ting was, i lack the ability to speak tyme kua ngn Anis tu.. =,=''
da nex day i realize,, "i 4got,, anis payed 4 my movie ticket..!?.."
wat malu la seyyy...!!! :P.. haiz..
but if i can, i wanna go out with her again.. :P..

a few days afta dat xbnyk sgt function,,
then my twin, Aizuddin plan nk g Kota Tinggi, da waterfall..
both of us were so exited..!
till i cant sleep dat nyte.. :P..
on da 12th nov at 8am, kytowg grak g Kota Tinggi, Aizuddin drive..
this guy ekowt gk.. my best friend, Khairul Izwan.. :)

Wan.. kekasih gelap aq..? NOT..! hahahahah..  XP..

this guy pown ad.. Ilham.. :)

smart..! XD..
his dad lend us da car dat aiz drove.. :).. tnx Ilham's dad..!

sure some of us sarapan xajak pg tu, (hahahah.. Am..!) .. :P
sure pns gyle otw tu,
sure some of us fell n hurt ourselves tyme at waterfall tu,
but all in all we had really really great fun tyme at waterfall tu,
byle la agknye ley wt cmtu ag ann,,
slack cme Azuhairi je xde coz de ad camp, (de pengakap kelana btw.. :)..)
nex tyme we must do dat again, with evyone there..! :P..
afta dat ktowg g mkn mcd then g tgok wyg,,
cyte "Immortals".. whoa..!! SYIOK gyle..!! hahahah... :P..

KAMI..! :P

in going with da guys to da waterfall tu, i missed out going out with my old fwen Shera Rozi..!
this lil' makcik..!

Shera vogue..! :D

Shera went out with a few of our old fwens dat day,, nk gk ekowt, but i made plans ngn Aizuddin dlu kann,, nk wt cnne, p mb nex tyme ye bdk kcik..?!! :D..

so td pg i had my muet exam..
it was a total blunder..!!!
jwb cnne je tu td..
p saye da berusaha kann, tawakal je la... :)..
esk pg 12th nov 10am da nk nek bus balek kuantan da,,
my not so long forgotten campus awaits me..!!
muahahahahahaaa... *evil laugh...? :P..

dat was my sem break,
its not perfect, 
but its just fine with me,
in fact it was great..!!!
how was urs..?? :)

p/s: hehh,, i'm proud of myself for using this sem break to its optimum level.. :P.. the ony ting i regret is dat,, now my phone is busted.. errrrr,, dear parents,, new phone please.. =,=''

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