Wednesday, 28 December 2011

23 !!

23rd of DECEMBER,,
the day i officially turned 18,,
now i'm legal according to the law,,
the age of majority,, (ecceeyyy,, bbual lawyer lak bdk ny.. :P)

Azuhairi was the first one to wish me a happy birthday that night,,
(i called him on his cue,, but yeahh,, thats what best friends do.. :)..)
then Aizuddin did too with this,, which was really sweet so to say.. hahahahh..

the next day,,
i know some of my UiTM friends planned a "surprised birthday party" for me the night before..
but i casually said,, "i'm gonna be busy.." so to avoid unexpected events.. hahahah.. :P
at 8pm i got off the bus at larkin,, solat,, n guess who i met..??
my twin,, Aizuddin..!! hahahha..
nahhhh.. we've actually planned to meet up at that exact point in time..
hehehh.. he wanted to blanje me mkn pizza..!!
that was the plan anyway..
but we switched to chicken chop at Hutan Bandar..
then Aizuddin told me to call my big bro,, Azuhairi,, to come too..

chicken chop.. :P

Azu actually just finished transferring his family's stuff to their new house (they moved houses)..
i could tell he was really tired,, he said his body ached all over,,
i know that Azu actually had a futsal meet that night,, but he did'nt go..
he actually said to his mom,, "nahhh,, futsal later,, Nash called twice..!"
without any fuss or hassle he came to meet us..
Azu missing his futsal game to meet us is a heck of a great big deal..!!
he would'nt miss futsal just for anyone..!!
(a best friend rather hang with you even if he has better places to go to..)
(Azuhairi Bin Adnan u really are my greatest friend in the whole wide world..!! ^^)

so we chat while eating,,
a lot has been going on with all of us while we're away,, :)..
o yeah,, Aizuddin got a cgpa of 3.67..!!
that's just above me..!! hhahhah..
but we did'nt stay long,,
Aizuddin's lil bro misses him,,
my dad came and took us home..

since Azu was really tired,,
i insisted he stayed for the night at my house,,
he did and went home the next day..
i did'nt see any either Azu or Aizuddin for a few days,,
Aizuddin went back to KL as his cuti was short..

i've planned and told my mum that i wanted to go to Azu's house probably a million times now,,
but things always get in the way,, haiz..
i just hope i get to spend some more time with my best buddy before i go back to kuantan.. :'D
haiz,, why did'nt the 3 of us study at the same place..?!
it'd be easier for us to hang..!! haiz.. :P

me the birthday boy.. :P

p/s: i'm a year older now,, but does that means i'm more mature..? i don't know.. what i'm sure about is,, even when you think you're all alone,, and no one seems to understand you,, true friends will always be there when you need them,, Azuhairi my big bro,, Aizuddin my twin,, thanks,, u guys really are the best :')..

p/p/s: i almost forgot.. to my friends at UiTM Kuantan whom sang the birthday song in our room at midnight that night,, arif, qutaibah, raza, zeeq, acap, saha, bada, salihin,, errr,, errr,, errr,, soey aq xegt sme..!! huhh.. THANKS..!! kowg mmg kwn yg sgt baek..!! ^^

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  1. untungla ada kekawan yang wish....hahaha!!....congratulation nash!!...Happy Birthday.....keep Blogging...-azwa-
    p/s don't forget to see mine...something special waiting for you...=P