Saturday, 17 December 2011


black + white = cute baby panda !! ^^

black and white.. (i know,, i've repeated that 3times..! :P)
they're the colours for a cute panda..! :P.. 
i know penguins are black and white too,, but admit it,, baby pandas are the way cuter..!! :P
black and white resembles balance,, black often being bad,, and white being good..
hahahh,, red herring..! 
(it means,, cm xde function pown aq cyte mnde ny,, xde kne mngene ngn mnde yg at bwh ny.. :P..)

hahahh.. :P
the good stuffs.. :)..
so today the students of UiTM Kuantan had a photoshoot (eceyyyyyhhh.. :P)..
hahahh,, it was an awesome picture day la so to say.. :P.. 
everyone was looking their best today,,
our group adorned the official colours of lawrians everywhere,, black and white,, proudly..
everyone of us ''Cheesy Wedges'' (our group) were "HOTSTUFFS" for a day,,
the girls might i say were all GORGEOUS..!!
the boys i should say were all HANDSOME..!! 
our other friends were STUNNING too.. :)
hehehh.. :)..
so these are some snaps i managed to get hold of.. :)..

Aifa,, Scha,, Farah Aini,, Sabrina,, Jeremy,, Salihin
Sarah Khalil,, Farah Aini
Scha,, Aifa,, Atikah,, Sarah Khalil,, Farhanah Hashim,, Juwairiah

Juwairiah,, Scha,, Farhanah Hashim,, Farah Aini,,  Sarah  Khalil

Sarah Khalil,, Farah Aini,, Scha,, Aifa,, Jeremy

Scha,, Jojo

Scha,, Aifa,, Farah Aini

Syikin,, Sarah Khalil

Sarah Khalil

Farhanah Hashim,, Aifa,, Scha,, Sayeedah Syahirah

Farhanah Hashim,, Aifa,, Scha,, Sayeedah Syahirah

me,, Scha,, Aifa

me,, Aifa,, Scha

me,, the geek.. :P

these are just some of the pictures of just some of my friendly friends here in UiTM Kuantan,, there are actually tonnes of other pictures,, but they'll be uploaded on fb by the jpk(s).. :)..

p/s: pictures,, they're one of the best ways to capture memories.. this is our last sem learning together in UiTM Kuantan,, come March next year,, we'll be off on our own directions,, huhh.. 
we're awesome,,? 
errrr,, well,, tell us sumthing we don't know please.. :P..

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  1. awesomee!!!!!!!!!...heeee........nice pic nash...especially when you wearing those very funny and cute..=P..hehehe.....dont forget to see mine...and leave your comment.....keep blogging...-azwa-