Thursday, 1 December 2011


December's here..!!
hehehh.. December's my favorite month..!!
because,, its the month which i was born in..!!
hehehh.. :P

there's quite a lot of stuffs that happened in Nov,,
for instance,, the ''hauntings'' in my new room and what not..
hahahahahh.. :P..
as long as it no longer bothers me,, i'm cool..

well,, lemme share something..
this guy is my new roomate..
he's "Arif..", or "Mok..", or even "Hotstuff.." hahahhh.. 
he's kinda super nice, but in a way always bullies me.. =,='' hahahhh.. kidding.. :P.. 
he's actually a great guy.. :).. 
we do have a lot i common, we do have the same background, problems and all that,, 
he's one of my closest friends here.. :).. 
kinda a lot like a big brother.. :P..
he knows me well enough  i think.. hahahahahh.. :P..

thoughts for my buddy here is that,,
i hope you would want to share your problems, thoughts or maybe just random stuffs,,
i wanna do things roomies would do,,
i'm stupid, i know, i can be.. huhh..
but i just want to live a great student life here and create memories that i'll tell my grandkids about..
i'm sorry if i'm annoying,,
i'm sorry if im obnoxious,,
i'm sorry if i'm childish,,
thats just me trying to cheer things up.. :P
i'll help you with anything i can,,
and i hope that you'll help me grow as a person.. :)

buddy,, i got your back.. :)

p/s: my friends are my life,, bestfriends..?? i got 7 of them..!! well,, thats in the next entry.. :P.. may December brings good luck for me.. :)..

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