Thursday, 15 December 2011


have u ever felt like,, 
a misfit,, 
not needed,, 
well i have..

i've been getting those feelings everyday lately,,
nothing i do feels right,,
everything i do makes me feel like heck,,
honestly,, i hate it,,
i can't even concentrate in classes,,
my notes all turned into conteng-conteng,,
i'm distracted..

i know that everyone has their own fair share of problems,,
i know that its best to just let it out,,
i notice that some openly share their problems to friends,,
but publicly exposing problems is'nt me,,
i just can't do that..

i wanna scream my heart out,,
let everything go,, 
i wanna share this with someone,,
but from my point of view,,
i don't really know who would want to hear me out,,
everybody else is busy with their own problems,, 
why the heck would they hear mine,,
that's how i see it..

don't get me wrong,,
i'm not being dramatic,,
there are wonderful souls asking how i was,,
but i had to just answer "i'm totally fine..!" with a fake smile,,
just coz i'ts really hard to explain,,
and i know it'd be really hard for them to understand,,
they're not me..

call me a baby,,
but i just wish someone here would be willing to spend a whole evening with me,,
not necessarily do anything,, 
but just hang,, 
waste time,, 
i think that's what i really need now..

p/s: my best buddy told me that,, being alone makes you stronger.. yeah that,, but the process still hurts..


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  2. aipp!!...nash....hahaha...nice that...hehehe...if u not mind...u can share ur prob with me...just want to help =P ..hehehe...anyway...nice work...and awesome post...keep blogging...-azwa- =D

  3. don't forget to see mine....
    ....keep blogging...-azwa- =D