Friday, 16 December 2011


i'm scared,, :'(
first of all i admit i am a scaredy cat
nobody's perfect,, fear is inevitable,, therfore everyone has things that makes them tick.. 
as for me,, i am virtually scared of everything.. that's what people say.. 
but i admit it,, i am scared of mostly anything.. 
one time there was a cricket in my room,, my bestie Azu picked it up bringing it closer to me,, teasing me,, with all my might  i swipe the insect off his hand,, Azu's hand hurt that night.. 
that was kinda stupid knowing that u have all that strength but still you're afraid of a puny cricket,, =,=''..
but there are other rational things that i'm worried, fear, scared about..

broken friendship
friends are like stars in the sky,, u can't always see them but u know they're there..
they're the greatest gift to a lonely soul,, 
a good friend walks into your life when the world dashes through the exit..
what i'm afraid of is loosing a dear friend because of my own stupidity,,
i never ever want to lose any good friend close to me,,
i know i should lighten up,, i tried,, honest,, but sometimes its just that complicated..
i can never live with myself if i loose a friend as a result of my own stupidity..
its hard coz i'm almost stupid almost all of the time.. :p..
my friends,, bear with me..!!

fear of the unknown
fear of the unknown,, i know that's just human nature,, we all deal with it at any point of day,, 
my problem is that i exagerate.. 
sometimes i over think things,, some times that's good,, but with me,, most of the time it's bad,, 
i hate being alone,, i hate being alone in a crowd,, coz at these times my mind wonders into irrational areas.. some times my mood is off,, coz i overthink things.. i hate it,, but i can't help it..
i'm always expecting the worst,, preparing myself for it,, i hate it,, but i'm afraid that it'll be worse if i don't..

the possible end of life
here and now,, people are getting busier, and busier with material life..
they work 24/7 striving for weatlth,,  status,, bragging rights,, whatever.. 
but do we really need those things..? think about it,, can those things save you in the hereafter..?
i'm not as pious as the next guy,, thats why i'm worried,,
i have'nt done enough good deeds,, i know i've tonnes of sin,, am i worthy of the heavens? coz i know i can't bear hell's fire.. :'(.. 
time is all i need,, unfortunately,, time is all that i don't have.. :'(

in the dark
p/s: when your alone,, and in the dark,, suddenly everything akes noises.. =,=''

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  1. aip!!....nash.....i come again...see your new it really you scared of cat!!??...huh!!....ok...i got it...hahahahaha...=P..nice post and very useful...keep blogging....god save nash!!...-azwa-..p/s= don't forget to see mine...and leave your comment....=)