Sunday, 4 December 2011


when i was in primary school, i was always bullied by this one kid..
he would bully and make fun of me until i cry.. (yes, i admit i was a cry baby back then.. :P..)
god knows how much i wanna strangle him back then..! hahahahh.. :P..
but sure enough,, after he had his fun,, he'd pujok me back, console me and what not..
stupidly, i would always only stop crying if he pujok me, i would go on crying if anybody else try to pujok me..
(yes,, i admit i was rather dumb back then.. :P..)

but now,,
almost 11 12 or so years,,
he's now my greatest best friend in the whole wide world..!
he is,, jeng,, jeng,, jeng,,

Azuhairi Bin Adnan aka Azu.. :)

he's my bestest buddy ever..!!
people ask me,, "how can you guys be best buddies..? you're like night and day..!"
i hate it when people ask me that,,
i know that he's hot and all that and i'm kinda not,,
but we're best friends just because we are,, is it that hard..? =,='' huhh..

Azu's really great at whatever he does..
he's super talented..!!
he plays the guitar, and sings..!!
u gotta hear him sing..!!
hehehh.. (okayy,, i'm his #1 fan..!) :P

yeah,, if i were to write all the things that he's super at,, this blog would be filled..!! hahahh.. :P..
he's one of a kind i would say..
when i tell my female friends about him,, they would go like "omg..! why is he so sweet..?!" hahahh.. meanwhile azu would say,, "errrk,, tell them we're gay,, i'm sure they'll stop.. hahahhh..!!" he's that funny huhh..!! :P.. one other thing is that, he is really fond of his girl friend.. :)..

my life would really sucked without him..
i'd be really f**ked up without him..
you see,, he'd know that i have problems without me having to tell them to him hehehh.. :P.. it's like telepathy.. hehh.. :P.. he'd always know how to cheer me up.. :)
i dont know how my life would turn out without him.. he'd advice me alot about how to live life.. he kinda takes good care of me in a way,, my family is his family,, and his family is my family.. he's like a big brother.. tetttt.. he is my big brother..! right bro..? hehh :')

bro, this pic of u is super..! :D

p/s: don't get me wrong,, but now that we're far apart,, i really do miss him though.. huhh.. but everytime i need him he'd be there for me, and i'd always be there for him.. :).. this friendship / brotherhood will never end as long as we both shall live.. waaaa.. hahahhh.. (sorry, but you're not jealous are you..? hahahh.. kidding.. :P)

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