Tuesday, 24 January 2012



kau fikir tak fasal akibat daripada semua tindakan kau tu ??
sebenarnye,, kau ni boleh fikir ke tak pun ??
kau dengar tak aku ckp ni ??
kau tahu tak,, sebab kau,, ramai orang susah,, ramai orang sakit,, kau tahu ??
tapi ada kau kesah ??
Izzy cuba la jadi matang sikit,, GROW UP !!
sampai bila kau nak jadi macam ni je,, macam budak-budak,, menyusahkan la,,
kau menyusahkan mak,, ayah,, adik beradik,, kawan-kawan,, dan kau juga dah banyak menyusahkan aku..

do you even know me that good have you even the slightest idea of what i'm going through feel what i feel ??
BACK OFF !! you're you,, i'm me ..
let me deal with my own issues my own way,, ways that don't even concern you,, so back off ..
i don't need you to go around telling me of what i should or should'nt do,,
even if i am childish,, i'm still old enough to function for myself no thanks to you,,
i have a complete head,, a functioning brain,, a relevant mind,,  I CAN THINK for myself ..
i know i can be a handful at times,, reckless at most of times,, but i do think every time ..
of what my actions imply on people close to me but some times things just get out of my control,,
is that even my fault,, YOU GROW UP,, ur judging people first hand ..

jadi kau nak cakap yang kau boleh fikir secara waras tentang sebab dan akibat kewujudan kau ni ??
cuma kau salahkan cara benda-benda tu turn out ?? hehh *sinis tahniah kau sangat matang kan Izzy..
kau pun sama je .. kau kata kau banyak masalah,, masalah yang tak ada orang boleh faham sebab diorang semua  tak rasa .. tak ada maknanya la,, ADA TAK ADA,, TAK JEJAS PUN ..
kau lupa Hairi ?? masalah dia kadang-kala lagi besar lagi berat dari masalah kau,, tapi dia ok je ??
kau lupa Din ?? masalah dia serupa dengan masalah kau dan kalau tak pun lagi besar,, tapi dia cool je ??
itu sebab diorang matang,, kematangan pemikiran diorang la yang tolong diorang selesaikan masalah tu,,
kau ada ?? hehh kau tak sebijak diorang,, tak sematang diorang,, tak setabah diorang,, tak sekuat diorang,, tak seberani diorang,, KAU TAK SEHEBAT DIORANG !!

is it that wrong being me,, doing things my way,, the way i do best,, the only way i know how ..
HECK WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE ?? does my actions hurt you that much its killing you??
why can't you let me function the way i am,, and let them off with their ways,, c'mon laa ..
i know i'm not even half as good as them in many ways,,
you're biased towards them,, i know i cant blame you,, they're that good ..
thing is,, why the heck are you dumping all this on me ??

aku cuma nak nasihat kau je,, supaya kau jadi lebih baik,, lebih matang,, lebih hebat,, tak macam aku ..
mungkin cara aku salah,, aku tahu .. tapi kau kena ingat Izzy,, macam mana teruk pun hidup kau,, berat macam mana pun masalah kau,, sedih mana pun hati kau,, kau tetap ada orang yang sayang kau ..
itu kau kena ingat,, kau tak boleh berhenti,, putus asa separuh jalan,, kau tak boleh hampakan diorang ..
kau memang kau,, diorang memang diorang.. itu aku tak boleh tukar,, tak ada siapa boleh..
aku cakap ni pun sebab aku kenal kau,, aku tahu perasaan kau,, aku pun pikul masalah kau,, aku tahu siapa kau,, kau dengan aku sama je ..
(AKU = KAU) 

p/s: whenever i'm alone i talk to myself,, no one really knows this but,, i refer to myself as "Izzy" (from my name iskandar).. so for those who don't understand the post,, this entry is just plain old me having a schizophrenic conversation with myself..

p/p/s: judge yourself before you judge others.. :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


everyone has them,, everyone has to deal with them,, and no one can run away from them..
Problems.. are really just nuisance that people deal with everyday..
people think they had it big,, had it tough,, had it hard,,
that's just because people deal with problem differently..

How would you deal with problems ??
face it straight on ?? take the bull by the horns..
run away ?? hide in the safety of uncertainty..
cry ?? regretting everything..
give it a thought,,
but whatever you do,, you can never let some random problem hold you back..
its just a problem,, a nuisance,, a waste of time !!
well here are some ways of dealing with problems or stress..

CURSE !! believe it or not,, CURSING EASES PAIN !! Scientist from Keele University found that letting forth a volley of foul language (curse) can have a powerful painkilling effect,, especially for people who do not normally use them.. XP

LAUGH !! Humor is infectious.. the sound of roaring laughter is greatly contagious !! when laughter is shared,, it binds people together and increase happiness and intimacy.. In addition to the domino effect (hahahh,, domino effect seyy,, vocab saye improve tnx to nadira alia,, XP) of joy and amusement, LAUGHTER also triggers health physical changes in the body.. humor and laughter strengthen your immune system,, boost your energy,, DIMINISH PAIN,, and protect you from damaging effects of stress.. best of all,, this priceless medicine is fun,, free and easy to use !! ^^

FRIENDS !! spend time with them,, talk to them about your problems,, they may hold the key to solving your problems,, (if not,, they will influence you to do dang stupid things to lead your mind away from your problems even just for a while.. :P ).. you get to know friends on your way up,, but its on your way down that you meet true friends that you can count on.. :) 

i searched the net for some wacky ways of easing stress and these came up,, you're invited to try.. XP..
  1. when someone says "Have a nice day !",, tell them "I have other plans.."..
  2. Pop some popcorn without putting the lid on..
  3. Dance naked in front of your pets..
  4. Go shopping,, buy everything,, sweat in them,, and return them the next day..
  5. Pay your electric bills using coins..
  6. Tattoo ">Insert brain here<" on your forehead..
  7. Stare people through the lines of a fork and pretend they're in jail..
  8. Refresh yourself,, put your tongue on the ice in the freezer..
  9. Make up a funny language and ask people for direction..
  10. Call random people at night and say "You'll die in 7 days.." in a scary tone..

p/s: what ever it is,, good or bad,, never let anything hold you back,, coz you might miss the good stuff.. ^^

Thursday, 12 January 2012


so the Malaysian University English Test results was released at midnight last night,,
it cause quite a stir here in the UiTM Kuantan Padang Lalang,, (where most of the law boys and teslians lived)..
Heck it was utter chaos !! with the screams,, hysterias,, traumas,, of checking and getting the results and such..
The polis bantuan were so good,, they came up all the floors reminding us to keep it down,,
Thank you polis bantuan for keeping us safe.. ^^
but who can blame us,,
everyone was excited but at the same time dang nervous !!

me ??
well,, alhamdulillah,, passed the university's requirements,,
so i did ok i guess.. hehehh.. (*trying really hard not to brag)
i'm ecstatic,, but i can't be.. huhh,,
coz its no fun riding in the limo when your friends are in the bus..

Earlier this evening a friend came up and said this,, which i quote,,
"Congratz to you guys who got band 4 and above,, alhamdulillah i got band 3.. but i'm not sad,, i'm ok with it,, coz i'm a positive person.. (hahahh.. :P).. Those who get below band 4 shouldn't be sad,, we can still pursue law degree,, it's just a matter of time.. you guys with band 4 and above just wait for us there !! we will be joining soon !!"..
Well at that moment it was really melancholic..

It's really sad when some of us shun the other just because of these MUET bands,,
it really is sad,, it shouldn't be that way.. Why ??
-aril,, salihin,, fiqree,, & ors..

p/s: haiz,, so those who did good for MUET,, lets helps our other friends,, we want them with us time degree kann..?? :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Kempen "Jom Cover Aurat UiTM Kuantan" : ADIK ,, TILL JANNAH ..

adik nanti tutup aurat ye ? ^^

you're so cute !! ^^
Allah is kind as to grace you with such gift,, beauty,, perfection,,
perfect as perfect can humanly be.. :)

as you grow older i hope you live with Islam as you're guidance,, Allah as your god,, and Muhammad as your prophet.. you were born a muslim sayang,, live as a muslim my dear,, And I hope when the time comes we return to bones,, the earth,, the ashes,, as muslims too little one.. :) When you grow up into a young girl,, I hope I'm there to guide you in the ways of good,, the ways of light,, the ways of Islam.. Even if i'm not there,, I'll make sure you'll still be molded into a righteous muslim.. You will solat,, you will fast,, you will perform all your religious duties towards Allah,, and I expect nothing less..

don't get me wrong,, nobody is trying to force you to do anything against your will,, not mama,, not papa,, not kakak,, and definitely not me.. We only want you to  remain, succeed, thrive in life on earth with the ways of good,, and to continue be blessed by Allah with the lights of jannah in the hereafter.. You are beautiful.. We don't want bad things to be wished upon you.. Shroud yourself with humility,, modesty,, faith,, and iman.. Conceal,, veil,, cover your aurat from the eyes of undeserving men.. Like a priceless,, precious,, fragile crystal doll,, only those proven worthy will deserve you..

you may probably ask "why".. 
"why should i be covered up top to toe when other girls adorn clothes bearing more skin than material ?".. Adik,, if you had only two sweets in hand,, one was wrapped up and the other was not,, say both fell to the ground,, in to the dirt,, the sand,, the earth,, which would you pick up,, put in your mouth and eat..? Obviously the one wrapped up,, right..? because that one is free from any debris,, filth,, crap,, from the ground.. Same thing goes with you covering your aurat.. :).. Covering your aurat,, you're protecting,, guarding,, shielding yourself from mucks of the world..

they may probably say "pious or not,, what matters is the heart..".. They may have it right on that one,, but only partially.. Yes the heart does matter my little one.. but if you see a blacken banana,, an over ripen banana.. what would you do..? Even if the insides of the banana was good,, as sweet as can be,, some how you will be discourage and hesitant to eat it right..? just because it looks vile.. only some would go about using that banana,, mash it up,, and bake it into banana cake,, or muffins,, or fritters.. Adik,, what I'm saying is that your heart,, your inner self might shine as bright as the stars,, but if your exterior is blemished,, smuged,, tarnished,, you will have a hard time getting people to stay,, attracting them sincerely to your heart..

what we have will not last.. Shakespear had it wrong.. most things will start in March and end in May.. Like flower buds,, one's beauty is not eternal,, it will never be.. Why..? Because what we posses is only temporary.. Loaned,, lend to us by Allah with his grace.. we are nothing without Him.. we are only His slaves on earth,, but with His grace we live,, we thrive,, we survive.. So why not we work our selves in the ways of Islam,, so we can all blissfully bask in the lights of jannah together.. :)

adik dah pakai tudung !! ^^

p/s: Adik,, remember that ok ? till jannah.. :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012


When was the last time you did something for the first time ??
me ?? yesterday,, starting at the stroke of midnight !!
hehehh.. :)

Since it was the start of the first day of the year,,
and considering that we've all turned 18 (i know, i should stop it with me being 18 :P.. )
Last night i went out with my 2 best friends in the whole wide world,,
My big bro Azuhairi,, and my twin Aizuddin.. :)
Which turns out to be something else for us.. :P

We darted off to the Dataran Bandar Raya of Johor Bahru,,
Konon with hope of experiencing the New Year's Day Countdown..
Konon la kan..
We got there with time to spare..
But bummer,, there was no countdown,, Heck there was'nt even any REAL FIREWORKS..!
Dang~ but still ok la so to say,, Coz ad someone bazer duet beli and burn their own fireworks,,
it was'nt much,, but hey,, still better than nothing..

while going up the jejantas that leads to the entrence to the second floor of CS,, we notice that the entrance was closed,, we got down the way we got up,, and decide to cross the road at the traffic light,,
stupid thing was,, punye sengal,, we were on the jejantas to cross the road but we got down and walk far just to cross the road and made a u-turn to get to the ground floor entrance..! we only notice that while we're entering CS.. =,=''

the black line shows how far we walked.. :P

Turns out MI: Ghost Protocol xde that night at that cinema.. duble bummer,, we were BERTEKAD to watch that movie regardless.. so we bluntly tought of going to Skudai Parade to seek out that movie at was almost 25km away..!

We got to skudai Parade,, asked the guards if the cinema was still open,, the pakcik said no,, dissatisfied we  naek jugak the 5th floor just to make sure it was'nt.. we got up there,, the gates were closed..! except for one,, we got in with high hopes,, but again,, Dang..! it was damn closed,, we even argued with the makcik cleaner endon.. "batasnya pukul 11 malem..!'' she said.. =,='' so we got down and lepak at the bikes.. this time we stayed there for awhile planning our move trying to be smart.. then we realised,, there wer 3 4 other shopping complexes with cinemas in CS's area..!! dummy~

We saw so many people coming in and heading to the back of Skudai Parade,, we asked ourselves,, "apesal ramai sgt masok..? is it still open..? is there a pub back there..? maybe there's a tiger show we can watch..! XP".. start je motor we headed to the back,, then we remembered,, "the people lived here..!! there are housing apartments on top..!".. errkk.. =,=''.. we had to circle the whole building to get out..

Seeing that Azu was sleepy and all of us were hungry,, we headed to mamak stall to eat.. almost half hour but the mamak didnt come and take our order.. sleepy and hungry..! dang mamak.. =,=''..

Azu mengantok at 3:00am.. huhh

Aizuddin downloading apps.. :P
We got home,, i remembered i forgot my house keys..!! =,=''.. but i manage to open the door using a card..  Azu slept at my house that night,, the next morning i woke up at 12:30pm,, Azu around 1:00pm.. being lazybums ourselves we just spent the whole day in my room in bed,, eating in bed,, watching movies in bed,, drinking in bed,, playing games in bed.. The stupid part was,, neither of us bath the whole day..!! hhahah.. BUT,, note this,, we did smell better than any kambing around..!! hahahahh.. XD..

so my first 24hours of the year 2012 was spent being with my best friends.. ^^.. there were 3 of us,, nothing we did seems right.. "Badi",, "A sign of whats to come".. whatever it is we were almost stupid for the whole entire time..!! i felt like we were the 3 IDIOTS..!! hahahh..

p/s: my two specs-wearing-handsome friends,, Azuhairi,, Aizuddin,, you guys may say that this could be the worst new year celebration ever,, But to me,, i liked each and every second of it.. its not often i get to hang with my best pals till early morning doing dang stupid stuff..!! hahahh.. thanks a whole lot for being the bestest friends ever..!! ^^