Sunday, 1 January 2012


When was the last time you did something for the first time ??
me ?? yesterday,, starting at the stroke of midnight !!
hehehh.. :)

Since it was the start of the first day of the year,,
and considering that we've all turned 18 (i know, i should stop it with me being 18 :P.. )
Last night i went out with my 2 best friends in the whole wide world,,
My big bro Azuhairi,, and my twin Aizuddin.. :)
Which turns out to be something else for us.. :P

We darted off to the Dataran Bandar Raya of Johor Bahru,,
Konon with hope of experiencing the New Year's Day Countdown..
Konon la kan..
We got there with time to spare..
But bummer,, there was no countdown,, Heck there was'nt even any REAL FIREWORKS..!
Dang~ but still ok la so to say,, Coz ad someone bazer duet beli and burn their own fireworks,,
it was'nt much,, but hey,, still better than nothing..

while going up the jejantas that leads to the entrence to the second floor of CS,, we notice that the entrance was closed,, we got down the way we got up,, and decide to cross the road at the traffic light,,
stupid thing was,, punye sengal,, we were on the jejantas to cross the road but we got down and walk far just to cross the road and made a u-turn to get to the ground floor entrance..! we only notice that while we're entering CS.. =,=''

the black line shows how far we walked.. :P

Turns out MI: Ghost Protocol xde that night at that cinema.. duble bummer,, we were BERTEKAD to watch that movie regardless.. so we bluntly tought of going to Skudai Parade to seek out that movie at was almost 25km away..!

We got to skudai Parade,, asked the guards if the cinema was still open,, the pakcik said no,, dissatisfied we  naek jugak the 5th floor just to make sure it was'nt.. we got up there,, the gates were closed..! except for one,, we got in with high hopes,, but again,, Dang..! it was damn closed,, we even argued with the makcik cleaner endon.. "batasnya pukul 11 malem..!'' she said.. =,='' so we got down and lepak at the bikes.. this time we stayed there for awhile planning our move trying to be smart.. then we realised,, there wer 3 4 other shopping complexes with cinemas in CS's area..!! dummy~

We saw so many people coming in and heading to the back of Skudai Parade,, we asked ourselves,, "apesal ramai sgt masok..? is it still open..? is there a pub back there..? maybe there's a tiger show we can watch..! XP".. start je motor we headed to the back,, then we remembered,, "the people lived here..!! there are housing apartments on top..!".. errkk.. =,=''.. we had to circle the whole building to get out..

Seeing that Azu was sleepy and all of us were hungry,, we headed to mamak stall to eat.. almost half hour but the mamak didnt come and take our order.. sleepy and hungry..! dang mamak.. =,=''..

Azu mengantok at 3:00am.. huhh

Aizuddin downloading apps.. :P
We got home,, i remembered i forgot my house keys..!! =,=''.. but i manage to open the door using a card..  Azu slept at my house that night,, the next morning i woke up at 12:30pm,, Azu around 1:00pm.. being lazybums ourselves we just spent the whole day in my room in bed,, eating in bed,, watching movies in bed,, drinking in bed,, playing games in bed.. The stupid part was,, neither of us bath the whole day..!! hhahah.. BUT,, note this,, we did smell better than any kambing around..!! hahahahh.. XD..

so my first 24hours of the year 2012 was spent being with my best friends.. ^^.. there were 3 of us,, nothing we did seems right.. "Badi",, "A sign of whats to come".. whatever it is we were almost stupid for the whole entire time..!! i felt like we were the 3 IDIOTS..!! hahahh..

p/s: my two specs-wearing-handsome friends,, Azuhairi,, Aizuddin,, you guys may say that this could be the worst new year celebration ever,, But to me,, i liked each and every second of it.. its not often i get to hang with my best pals till early morning doing dang stupid stuff..!! hahahh.. thanks a whole lot for being the bestest friends ever..!! ^^


  1. the 3 idiots is idiot outside but seriously genius inside. you guys? downright...ehem. hahaha xD

  2. hhahahah... syot akakk..!! hahahh.. XD

  3. wah......seronok benar...boleh outing sampai pagi....hahaha....nice story it...hahaha....keep blogging -azwa-
    p/s dont forget to see mine...and drop your comment ya~~...haha =D