Monday, 9 January 2012

Kempen "Jom Cover Aurat UiTM Kuantan" : ADIK ,, TILL JANNAH ..

adik nanti tutup aurat ye ? ^^

you're so cute !! ^^
Allah is kind as to grace you with such gift,, beauty,, perfection,,
perfect as perfect can humanly be.. :)

as you grow older i hope you live with Islam as you're guidance,, Allah as your god,, and Muhammad as your prophet.. you were born a muslim sayang,, live as a muslim my dear,, And I hope when the time comes we return to bones,, the earth,, the ashes,, as muslims too little one.. :) When you grow up into a young girl,, I hope I'm there to guide you in the ways of good,, the ways of light,, the ways of Islam.. Even if i'm not there,, I'll make sure you'll still be molded into a righteous muslim.. You will solat,, you will fast,, you will perform all your religious duties towards Allah,, and I expect nothing less..

don't get me wrong,, nobody is trying to force you to do anything against your will,, not mama,, not papa,, not kakak,, and definitely not me.. We only want you to  remain, succeed, thrive in life on earth with the ways of good,, and to continue be blessed by Allah with the lights of jannah in the hereafter.. You are beautiful.. We don't want bad things to be wished upon you.. Shroud yourself with humility,, modesty,, faith,, and iman.. Conceal,, veil,, cover your aurat from the eyes of undeserving men.. Like a priceless,, precious,, fragile crystal doll,, only those proven worthy will deserve you..

you may probably ask "why".. 
"why should i be covered up top to toe when other girls adorn clothes bearing more skin than material ?".. Adik,, if you had only two sweets in hand,, one was wrapped up and the other was not,, say both fell to the ground,, in to the dirt,, the sand,, the earth,, which would you pick up,, put in your mouth and eat..? Obviously the one wrapped up,, right..? because that one is free from any debris,, filth,, crap,, from the ground.. Same thing goes with you covering your aurat.. :).. Covering your aurat,, you're protecting,, guarding,, shielding yourself from mucks of the world..

they may probably say "pious or not,, what matters is the heart..".. They may have it right on that one,, but only partially.. Yes the heart does matter my little one.. but if you see a blacken banana,, an over ripen banana.. what would you do..? Even if the insides of the banana was good,, as sweet as can be,, some how you will be discourage and hesitant to eat it right..? just because it looks vile.. only some would go about using that banana,, mash it up,, and bake it into banana cake,, or muffins,, or fritters.. Adik,, what I'm saying is that your heart,, your inner self might shine as bright as the stars,, but if your exterior is blemished,, smuged,, tarnished,, you will have a hard time getting people to stay,, attracting them sincerely to your heart..

what we have will not last.. Shakespear had it wrong.. most things will start in March and end in May.. Like flower buds,, one's beauty is not eternal,, it will never be.. Why..? Because what we posses is only temporary.. Loaned,, lend to us by Allah with his grace.. we are nothing without Him.. we are only His slaves on earth,, but with His grace we live,, we thrive,, we survive.. So why not we work our selves in the ways of Islam,, so we can all blissfully bask in the lights of jannah together.. :)

adik dah pakai tudung !! ^^

p/s: Adik,, remember that ok ? till jannah.. :)


  1. salam nash....hebat post kaw!!!!.....tersentuh aq bila baca....Allah....bagus betol post kaw...mohon share ek....semoga Allah sentiasa merahmati kau Nash....sahabatbaikku,,,=).....keep blogging...-azwa-...
    p/s don't forget to see mine.....leave your comment too...=D

  2. hehehh.. :P.. okehh.. ^^.. tnx azwa.. :)

  3. omg who is this kid? she's famous man! she even jadi my wallpaper for almost a week now hihii cute gilaaaaaaaa and yeah nash, your post kali ni thumbs up double triple!! :D

  4. hahahah,,, heeeee... she's my baby..!! hahahah... kidding,,, found her kat google,,, kan,, comell gyleerrr kann.. hehhh.. tnx kakakk..!! ^^