Tuesday, 17 January 2012


everyone has them,, everyone has to deal with them,, and no one can run away from them..
Problems.. are really just nuisance that people deal with everyday..
people think they had it big,, had it tough,, had it hard,,
that's just because people deal with problem differently..

How would you deal with problems ??
face it straight on ?? take the bull by the horns..
run away ?? hide in the safety of uncertainty..
cry ?? regretting everything..
give it a thought,,
but whatever you do,, you can never let some random problem hold you back..
its just a problem,, a nuisance,, a waste of time !!
well here are some ways of dealing with problems or stress..

CURSE !! believe it or not,, CURSING EASES PAIN !! Scientist from Keele University found that letting forth a volley of foul language (curse) can have a powerful painkilling effect,, especially for people who do not normally use them.. XP

LAUGH !! Humor is infectious.. the sound of roaring laughter is greatly contagious !! when laughter is shared,, it binds people together and increase happiness and intimacy.. In addition to the domino effect (hahahh,, domino effect seyy,, vocab saye improve tnx to nadira alia,, XP) of joy and amusement, LAUGHTER also triggers health physical changes in the body.. humor and laughter strengthen your immune system,, boost your energy,, DIMINISH PAIN,, and protect you from damaging effects of stress.. best of all,, this priceless medicine is fun,, free and easy to use !! ^^

FRIENDS !! spend time with them,, talk to them about your problems,, they may hold the key to solving your problems,, (if not,, they will influence you to do dang stupid things to lead your mind away from your problems even just for a while.. :P ).. you get to know friends on your way up,, but its on your way down that you meet true friends that you can count on.. :) 

i searched the net for some wacky ways of easing stress and these came up,, you're invited to try.. XP..
  1. when someone says "Have a nice day !",, tell them "I have other plans.."..
  2. Pop some popcorn without putting the lid on..
  3. Dance naked in front of your pets..
  4. Go shopping,, buy everything,, sweat in them,, and return them the next day..
  5. Pay your electric bills using coins..
  6. Tattoo ">Insert brain here<" on your forehead..
  7. Stare people through the lines of a fork and pretend they're in jail..
  8. Refresh yourself,, put your tongue on the ice in the freezer..
  9. Make up a funny language and ask people for direction..
  10. Call random people at night and say "You'll die in 7 days.." in a scary tone..

p/s: what ever it is,, good or bad,, never let anything hold you back,, coz you might miss the good stuff.. ^^


  1. I might as well do number 6 if I'm allowed to. XD

  2. hahahahahaha......lawak la sehh!!!.....hahahaha!!!....tajuk ye je sirius...last2 lawak gyle kentang!!!!...hahaha....nice post nash!!...keep blogging ............(yang benar-azwa-) =D

  3. heeee... tnx azwa.. awak pun sama *skema.. XP