Monday, 27 February 2012


less than a month more to go till asasi is over,,
then we're off our own ways,,
surely gonna miss you,,
but the day before this all ends for us,,
i hope i get the chance to unveil the truth,,
regardless of what your reaction is gonna be..
. . .

Saturday, 18 February 2012


7.30pm - 11.00pm

my invitation card :)
So on the noted day,, time,, and place,, the Lawrians and Teslians of UiTM Kuantan were invited (actually we payed for it.. hahahh.. lol..) to the annual dinner at The Zenith Hotel (the most prestigious hotel in all of kuantan.. ecceyyy.. :P).. 
With the theme of "Masquerade with a mix of White Lavender" obviously there were masks everywhere,, Every corner turned will be a lad or lass adorning extremely beautiful and classy dresses and suits.. 
It was a ceremony incorporating three major factors,,  
ONE; an annual dinner (well duhhhhh.. :P) 
TWO; recognition and appreciation of students' excellence,, 
THREE; a flashback of memories we had throughout life in UiTM Kuantan.. 
Can't really put into words as to how OHHSEMM the dinner was.. (too lazy to type,, its not like you'll be reading this anyway.. :P) so these are just some of my snapshots to depict the degree of awesomness we had.. :P


pretty tablemates farah aini,, farsya,, aifa.. ^^

pretty aifa 
cute anisa fadilah :)

my awesome classmates !!
salihin !!
Nadihah !!

this here my friends,, is the actual PROM QUEEN !! (also my classmate !! ^^)

my ohhsemm and beautiful bp style debate partner Nadira !! ^^

Sadiqi,, the handsome guy with few words :D

captain debat Raza Syazani !! ^^
Syikin yg hotttt !! ^^

my OHSEMM ap style debate team !! ^^

with scha abd kamar,, sumpah pic ny classy !! ^^
me with my all time ohhsemest friend Nadee.. ^^

one of my favorite pic.. ^^
So among other things that made the dinner more ohhsemm for us was the fact that,,

well our annual dinner was really ohhsemm as you can see,,
the only sad part is asasi will be ending soon,,
when it ends will i miss them dearly ??
sadder still will they remember me ??

p/s: more pics are on my fb (nash kubinashi).. hehehh.. :P

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


"This house believes that Tanner Patrick is OHSEMM !!"
notifying the motion,, this debate will now commence..

* * * * *

hahahhh.. LOL.. (*oopssiee..)
sorry for the inappropriately used debate formalities..
slip of the tounge.. XP..

* * * * *

Tanner Patrick

so lately i've been really hooked on the works of this guy,, Tanner Patrick
good looks,, great voice,, awesome personality,, equals to one heck of a guy !!
(*think i'm having a guy crush on him) (*a crush can happen on anyone and everyone) (*i'm not gay)
i've tried google-ing his bio,, but nothing really came up..
i have however managed to dig up little bits of facts about this guy..

Tanner Patrick Howe,,
born on 25th May 1991,,
originally from Dallas Texas,,
living in Colleyville Texas,,
vocalist,, guitarist,, composer,,

* * * * *

Actually,, this guy was initially in a band,,
specifically the vocalist for the band Disco Curtis..
the band were together from 2008 to late 2010..

Disco Curtis
generally they do sound quite good,, 
i've only start listening to them for a day,, 
but to untrained ears like mine,, they are good.. 
(*sad they broke up though)
i personally liked "Ashley",, really catchy..

The band was named after a fellow disco legend, and drummer named Curtis. The friend of the band, who also resides in Texas, used to perform with various disco artist throughout the 1970s, wearing a paper bag over his head. decades later, he has become a mentor and a friend to Disco Curtis..

* * * * *

July 2011,, 10 months after the band dismantled,,
Tanner Howe released a statement to now be known as Tanner Patrick..
a new name for a fresh start..
by posting cover videos on youtube,,
this guy's popularity grows with every views of his videos..

my favourite cover and mashup is,,
"a thousand years twenty four"
(*the one you're listening to now)

p/s: don't really know what to post about.. XP..

Monday, 13 February 2012


short hair,,
*regret cutting it.. haiz.. ==

note to self:  think,, think,, think,, before you act dummy..

p/s: gedik ?? cam whrore?? 

1) its my blog..
2) i don't give a dang what you say really..
3) lalalalalallalalalallalaalaaaaaaa..

* * * * *

p/p/s: okayy,, i admit,, agk gedik ==''

Saturday, 11 February 2012


this week really was hard,, AS HECK !!
debate,, prep for 3 presentations,, article review,,
all was done last minute,, it was HECK !!
but we SURVIVED !! XD.. (*pat self on the back)
a friendly advice though,, NEVER PROCRASTINATE..
yes it sounds like a good thing,, like
PROgress,, PROductive,, and PROfessional..
but believe me it not at all good..

NO,, NO,, NO,, NO,, NO !! (*bad,, really bad this thing)

moving on,, well the "thing" mentioned in the earlier post,,
thank god that worked out just fine for now,, (*hope it stays that way)
u think one would be fine after all those things were settled,,
guess what,, wrong,, this particular boy is still feeling as if something is amiss..
something still just doesn't feel right..

* * * * *

i found myself scrolling through your profile again.. 
i found myself scrolling through your pictures,, again..
you are sincerely BEAUTIFUL..
with each one the sadder i get,, almost to tears..
with each click memories of you came rushing back all at once,,
most of the things laid down in front of me was familliar,, 

but then i found this,,
something new,,
a recent addition,,

then i remembered,,
i know nothing of you..
  what's your favorite food,,
  what's your preferred drink,,
  what's your adored colour,,
  what's your enjoyed hobby,,
i found myself guessing for those answers..

* * * * *

#now playing: Chris Daugthry - Over You 
(*again,, again,, and again..)

i'm slowly getting closure,, 
i guess it's really over,,
i'm finally getting better,,
and now i'm picking up the pieces,, 
spending all of these years,,
putting my heart back together,,
'coz the day i thought i'd never get through,,
i got over you..

skipping all the drama,, you moved on,, guess i should too.. right ??

* * * * *

p/s: little bunny,, if you happen to read this,, i know you've moved on,, you're better off now,, it's time i did too,, but if you ever did need something,, there's always me.. :)..

p/p/s; i'm over it but i'm never gonna be the same again ..

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I've never been very good at expressing myself verbally,, (*or in any other way for that matter).. even when something is amiss,, most of the times i'd rather shut up, put on a plastic smile and just nod to anything.. In simpler words,, act like nothing is wrong.. Acting seems to be easier than answering all those "are you okay?" questions,, well at least for a socially awkward waste of space like me it is,, people get tired of asking..

i know that nobody really read this shitty blog,, but,, have you ever gotten yourself in a situation where you're in tune to the facts of the things happening around you,, but alas oblivious as to the actions that you should take ? (*rhetorical question).. well here it is,, it FREAKING SUCKS !! knowing bad things are gonna happen but not knowing what you can and should do sucks.. it just makes you feel more useless than you already are.. with all the current situation going about now,, know what i feel like ? i feel like cursing,, a whole lot ! (*i best not say them here).. dang it i'd curse till my ears bleed.. ==''

there are lots of things i regret,, the way i act,, the things i say,, the shit i do,, but most of all the way i am,, hopeless.. in a few days (*as far as i know it).. there will be a series of events taking place,, and the outcome might not be in anyway entertaining,, heck i'd say i hate where this is going,, THIS IS SHIT AND SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS.. but heck what can i do,, i wanna do something about it but i just can't.. the fact that they're losing it makes me sad,, but the fact that i can't seem to do anything,, makes me mad,, mad at myself for being so useless,, hopeless pointless.. if things do turn out as i fearfully expect it to be (*not that i want it).. i'd blame myself for not doing anything..

Sunday, 5 February 2012

4:40am ,,

troubled ,, vexed ,, perplexed ..
can't really sleep ,, yet ..
the almost full moon peeks into the room ,, 
through the curtain-less window sharing its soothing glow ..
perfect view it was ..

in the corner of these four walls ,,
series of unfortunate events had me wonder ,,
of what my existence signify ..
was my presence known ??
will my absence felt ??
am i as good as gold ??
or am i just a pesky fly ??

the harder i try to fit in the more i stick out ..
screaming only to find without any sound .. 
being together but alone in a crowd ..
ecstatic but with a hint of frown ..
pathetic ,, paranoid ,, i'd say plain dumb ..

in this life and times i learned ,,
you loose yourself to get what you want ,,
you push away the ones you should've held close ,,
you doubt if your dreams will ever come true ,,
you blame the world but never blame you ,,
until in the end all you're left with is ,, 
your lonely self ..

p/s: no matter how tight people are to each other ,, they do feel alone ,, even when they're together.. :|