Sunday, 5 February 2012

4:40am ,,

troubled ,, vexed ,, perplexed ..
can't really sleep ,, yet ..
the almost full moon peeks into the room ,, 
through the curtain-less window sharing its soothing glow ..
perfect view it was ..

in the corner of these four walls ,,
series of unfortunate events had me wonder ,,
of what my existence signify ..
was my presence known ??
will my absence felt ??
am i as good as gold ??
or am i just a pesky fly ??

the harder i try to fit in the more i stick out ..
screaming only to find without any sound .. 
being together but alone in a crowd ..
ecstatic but with a hint of frown ..
pathetic ,, paranoid ,, i'd say plain dumb ..

in this life and times i learned ,,
you loose yourself to get what you want ,,
you push away the ones you should've held close ,,
you doubt if your dreams will ever come true ,,
you blame the world but never blame you ,,
until in the end all you're left with is ,, 
your lonely self ..

p/s: no matter how tight people are to each other ,, they do feel alone ,, even when they're together.. :|

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