Saturday, 11 February 2012


this week really was hard,, AS HECK !!
debate,, prep for 3 presentations,, article review,,
all was done last minute,, it was HECK !!
but we SURVIVED !! XD.. (*pat self on the back)
a friendly advice though,, NEVER PROCRASTINATE..
yes it sounds like a good thing,, like
PROgress,, PROductive,, and PROfessional..
but believe me it not at all good..

NO,, NO,, NO,, NO,, NO !! (*bad,, really bad this thing)

moving on,, well the "thing" mentioned in the earlier post,,
thank god that worked out just fine for now,, (*hope it stays that way)
u think one would be fine after all those things were settled,,
guess what,, wrong,, this particular boy is still feeling as if something is amiss..
something still just doesn't feel right..

* * * * *

i found myself scrolling through your profile again.. 
i found myself scrolling through your pictures,, again..
you are sincerely BEAUTIFUL..
with each one the sadder i get,, almost to tears..
with each click memories of you came rushing back all at once,,
most of the things laid down in front of me was familliar,, 

but then i found this,,
something new,,
a recent addition,,

then i remembered,,
i know nothing of you..
  what's your favorite food,,
  what's your preferred drink,,
  what's your adored colour,,
  what's your enjoyed hobby,,
i found myself guessing for those answers..

* * * * *

#now playing: Chris Daugthry - Over You 
(*again,, again,, and again..)

i'm slowly getting closure,, 
i guess it's really over,,
i'm finally getting better,,
and now i'm picking up the pieces,, 
spending all of these years,,
putting my heart back together,,
'coz the day i thought i'd never get through,,
i got over you..

skipping all the drama,, you moved on,, guess i should too.. right ??

* * * * *

p/s: little bunny,, if you happen to read this,, i know you've moved on,, you're better off now,, it's time i did too,, but if you ever did need something,, there's always me.. :)..

p/p/s; i'm over it but i'm never gonna be the same again ..

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  1. honestly, ada je masa kau update blog eh.. harhar good2.. boleh gak wat menghilangkan kebosanan sementara xdek youtube nih =P