Tuesday, 14 February 2012


"This house believes that Tanner Patrick is OHSEMM !!"
notifying the motion,, this debate will now commence..

* * * * *

hahahhh.. LOL.. (*oopssiee..)
sorry for the inappropriately used debate formalities..
slip of the tounge.. XP..

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Tanner Patrick

so lately i've been really hooked on the works of this guy,, Tanner Patrick
good looks,, great voice,, awesome personality,, equals to one heck of a guy !!
(*think i'm having a guy crush on him) (*a crush can happen on anyone and everyone) (*i'm not gay)
i've tried google-ing his bio,, but nothing really came up..
i have however managed to dig up little bits of facts about this guy..

Tanner Patrick Howe,,
born on 25th May 1991,,
originally from Dallas Texas,,
living in Colleyville Texas,,
vocalist,, guitarist,, composer,,

* * * * *

Actually,, this guy was initially in a band,,
specifically the vocalist for the band Disco Curtis..
the band were together from 2008 to late 2010..

Disco Curtis
generally they do sound quite good,, 
i've only start listening to them for a day,, 
but to untrained ears like mine,, they are good.. 
(*sad they broke up though)
i personally liked "Ashley",, really catchy..

The band was named after a fellow disco legend, and drummer named Curtis. The friend of the band, who also resides in Texas, used to perform with various disco artist throughout the 1970s, wearing a paper bag over his head. decades later, he has become a mentor and a friend to Disco Curtis..

* * * * *

July 2011,, 10 months after the band dismantled,,
Tanner Howe released a statement to now be known as Tanner Patrick..
a new name for a fresh start..
by posting cover videos on youtube,,
this guy's popularity grows with every views of his videos..

my favourite cover and mashup is,,
"a thousand years twenty four"
(*the one you're listening to now)

p/s: don't really know what to post about.. XP..


  1. your still a gay to me XD HAHAHA joke2. ko laki, sbb tue ad org tut tut suka ko. :)

  2. salam ziarah dari azwa.....=P (yang benar -azwa-)..
    don't forget to see mine...and leave your comment too...=D

  3. Are you kidding me ? I love Tanner ! I downloaded his a thousand year mash-up cover . Its amazing , one of my favourite so far