Saturday, 17 March 2012


Questions,, Enigmas,, Mysteries,, the world seems to have shitloads of those peculiar things.. We know squat about how and why the world works really,, the world is weird,, and the people living in it is even worse.. haiz.. What with where babies come from,, why the chicken cross the road,, who farted in the elevator,, bla,, bla,, bla,, LOL.. See there really is no end to these ways of the odd.. (> <'').. But perhaps the biggest mystery of the earth is one derived from the opposite sex.. That particular mystery is "Women",, or the female kind.. Why ?? Well for starters they talk in languages that are out of this world.. Most of their brains work in opposites as they seem to always tend to say the opposite of what they intend to mean.. There's that part of the month when they get free pass for everything.. And some of them could even hypnotize or brainwash gullible men.. Ask any guy around,, they'll know what i mean.. LOL.. XP..

God's creation are all exceptionally beautifull,, Eve being the finest,, naturally as guys,, we are attracted to the female kind unless you're gay. Their very presence changes the whole behavior of men in public.. hahahahh.. It's also human nature for a boy and a girl to feel and be attracted to each other.. But apparently i've no luck in the love department,, yet.. But when i do get a girl whose madly in love with me for me,, and her very existence is like a drug,, my own personal brand of heroin that keeps me coming back for more i vow to treat her right.. In an episode of life where i do meet my other half i've prepared somewhat of a list of 23 things i ought to do for her or with her.. these are just some of them.. 

  • Get her a star :).. i don't know how i intend to exactly do that,, or what kind of star to exactly get her.. But when its the right girl and the right time the heart will know.. kaaann ?? :P.. Why a star ?? not a comet,, cloud or frog or whatever ?? Well,, like a star,, the right girl for me will shine so bright,, be there day and night for me she better will hahahahh,, and even in distance i will always love her like the attraction i have on the stars above.. 

  • Make a scrapbook of our friendship :)..
  • i'd take tonnes of pictures of her and us together and compile them neatly,, beautifully,, fragrantly,, colourfully into an awesome scrapbook.. in that i'd also include pictures of her that i "curi-curi tangkap" when she wasn't looking not in a fetish voyourism kinda way ok ?!.. Why ?? So that IF we ever fight and see that a break up is inevitable,, we'd look back through the scrapbook and think of what we'd throw away in a break up.. huhhh.. :P

  • Walk in the rain :).. we'd have occasional walks in the rain,, and while we're walking we could share all the things that made her down or sad,, so that when her stories gets too sad and wants to make me cry,, i could cry without her or anyone else noticing.. hehhh.. XP

  • Be her superman :).. i may not be able to fly like a bird,, or a plane.. Or be tough as nails,, Or have laser eyes that melts metal bars,, never in a million years will i wear a red underwear as an outer wear.. But,, i'll be sure to do my very best to protect the girl i love from any harm,, that also inlcludes agreeing when she says she's right even when she's exceptionally wrong.. hehhh.. i'm no superman,, but i hope you like me as i am.. hehh.. :)

  • Be her best friend :).. i wanna be the one she tells random things to,, there through her ups and downs,, sees her first tear,, catch the second tear,, and stop the third.. i just want her to be happy.. hehhh.. :P

  • Be Prince Charming to her parents :).. i'll act in terms of hows any parents would want their daughter to be treated,, that is with love,, honour,, and respect.. Then i'd get invited to all her family's ocassion,, which means more time with her !! :).. Therefore when we do think about marriage full blessings would be given,, and also a bit of sponsors for the wedding.. hahahhh.. XP
  • Remember :).. i'll remind myself how much she really means to me,, and remind myself repeatedly of how lucky i am to get such a girl in a way that i'll always remind myself to treat her right,, protect her,, and never break her heart.. :)

These are just some of the things out of the list of 23,, the list isn't really completed yet,, i'll keep on working on adding stuffs to make it better.. :)..

p/s: its been 2 days since i properly eat,, sleep and study,, this fever is really killing me... haiz.. i hope i get well soon,, the final exams isn't a matter to be laughed about,, i need to study !! huhh,, (= ='')


  1. hohoho, comelll gilaaaa laaa~ har~ =P LOL

    1. comelll ?? canooooottt,, i'm supposed to be macho !! ><

  2. tu kakak macho la derr~ hahaha =P

  3. hahaha....why chicken cross the road???.....seperb lol!!....hahaha....
    (yang benar -azwa-)