Tuesday, 27 March 2012


At the very first time that I set foot in UiTM Jengka for the MDS I had it in my mind that I'd DIE because it was really just GOD DAMN HARD ! Sorry to say but I hated those stupid harsh parts of MDS, but who doesn't kan ? But then we were told that we would be moving to Kuantan campus, right there and then it was as if I was struck by angel's lights with the background sound of hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *angellic voice humming :P. That only seem like yesterday but as a matter of fact asasi has ended for us. Time flies when you're having fun kan ? 

UiTM Kuantan is where i get the chance to mingle around with my own kind, the cuties, hotstuffs, all-rounders, attention seekers, geniuses, idiots, retards, weirdos, psychos and perverts. I was like a pure white sheet, but then i met you guys, and magically turn out this way, haiz. Hahahahahh. Hey, don't get mad at me for saying that you guys in Kuantan are all that, because being all that isn't that bad ! It's FUN ! Knowing you guys has been FUN ! hahahhahahh.. This idiot had an exceptionally great time knowing all you cuties, hotstuffs, all-rounders, attention seekers, geniuses, idiots, retards, weirdos, psychos and perverts, you guys totally redefined me. Hahahahahh.

I'm really not saying this in an insulting kinda way, but you guys are the essence of fun in those things. I feel like I've known you guys since for ever, *probably because i always eavesdrop on your conversation, but hey sharing is caring right ? hahahh.. :D.. All I wanna say is that this little idiot is grateful to have met and known you guys. I know i haven't been a very good friend to all you guys, I was never good at making friends really, and for that this little idiot says sorry. I don't know if you guys feel the same but, I know i'm gonna miss all of you. :'D *manly tears.

to the boys of ColesLaw thank you for everything
"sehati, sejiwa. kita sepakat . . . tido"
two guys who helped me a whole lot, Bada & Salihin
even though he thinks differently, this is my good friend since MDS, Qutaibah
Najwa's birthday friendship band
awesome ColesLaw girls
Malaccans, Scha & Jojo
goofy Syikin & Sarah
Captain Awesome, Mama Mermaid & Pkaaaaaakk
Debat-ers, Raza, Amirah & Husna
Debat-ers, Salihin, Fakrul, Fiqree & Suria
East Coast Debating Cup tangga gang XP
Innocent Farah Aini & Aifa Pkaaaakk
Awesome debate team, Iadid, Iman & Nash :)
My Best Friend, Milah Farah Shibuya ^^
Annual Dinner, though it was "White Lavender" all I see is black XP 
Beautiful Sarah Khalil *I took this picture btw :P
Shah Alam, Fiqree, Anis, Farah, & Najwa
The Munchkins, Anis & Farah
Debate Club Bubble Party, Aifa, Salihin & farah Aini
Cutest girl in Kuantan, Aifa Pkaaaaaaakk ^^
Campus Day Out, Qutaibah on a rock

Dinner Kelab Debat & Orator, Salihin, Fiqree, & Raza
Melodramatic, Nash, Fiqree, Farah, Najwa, & Iman
Innocent Emcees, Nash & Farah Aini XD
some of us will shine brighter than others, still doesn't mean we can't be friends
TC Overnight
TC Sunrise
They all seemed CUTE !
J (my awesome mentor of pervetness XD) & Allia Fuad 
Jojo & Raza
Beloved ColesLaw members :'D

Though at first i thought that I've made the wrong choice by coming here, but these guys changed my mind. They're the best combinations of people I've ever met. Innocent and childish head girls, perky, witty, and smart cheerleaders, suave all-rounders, ambitious dreamers, energetic sports persons, emotional tough guys, and many interesting others. They thought me a whole lot about being who ever I wanna be. 

Here in UiTM Kuantan we're all unique, a mixture of all the best things in life, we didn't simply inherit the legacy of our seniors, we created our own legends. We're pioneers by our own rights. I hope the bonds we shared here will last even until we die *Whoaaaaaa sooooo dramaticcc !! hahahahah.. XD

Sorry for the long post, life in Kuantan just cannot be expressed by a few lines of words. 

p/s:  SATU SUARA !


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    1. huhh.. you too buddy!! ^^

    2. Take care Nash! Keep writing beautiful posts i can feast my eyes upon! XD

  2. you too Aifa! I will!! hehehh,, surely gonna miss you lil' kid!! ^^

  3. nice and emotionally post!!....=D.....(yang benar -azwa-)