Sunday, 1 April 2012


I'm watching you dude

Well, after a week of spending the times alone in UiTM Kuantan, Padang Lalang campus, (not really alone though, there was Iman boboy, J, Hannan, Anis, Iman gegirl, Bada & Ors) I'm finally back home. Jay Bee baby ! Muahahahahahh ! Ok that was a bit over. XP. But not a moment too soon after i set foot in the house something happened, something bad, real bad (but hey, what else is new. (- -")), right there and then i regretted being happy about being back home all together. I was like " Dafuq ? can't you you people see i'm trying to bask in the happiness of being home here ? Where's your spirit of treating me like a prince people ? " Pffftttt ! my day was made there and then. (- -''). Aiyo, cannot live la like this. (T T)

Yeah, as good as life goes, it still has a way of kicking you dead in the ass when you least expect it. When that  happens, believe me my I'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-friends it hurts as hell ! Haiz. Its really true what they say though, karma's a bi**h. Even if it happens to someone else, you still get affected too you know ? Its like the principle of suicide bombing, yeah the dummy who bombed himself is the one dead, but if you stand too close, aiyo I tell you, you're gonna get one hell of a 'boo boo'. Then only you're gonna go all " What The Fish did I do too even deserve all this ?! ". But its really no use, hell has no fury, something, something. (- -''). How am I gonna survive till September la like this ?!. Shit. (= ='')

Some other thing I like to add as advice to the non-existing readers of this blog, firstly REFLECT ON YOURSELF BEFORE COMMENTING ON OTHERS ! got that ? So you do this good to that guy, or give those benefits to some other dudes dressed in cardboard boxes, or ate 10 whole chicken pie in the name of charity, well god damned you still don't have the rights to comment others on matters you know almost nothing about, belittle-ling them thinking you're right. If you don't know the 'behind the scenes' of the dude's or dudette's lives as to what drives them to do so, than just STFU ! I'm just saying. Less people will get hurt emotionally, mentally and physically. '( \  / )'

Secondly, if you're a guy, then GROW A PAIR AND BE A MAN ! Shit, I don't really know what's really going on in that thick head of yours, but when your lady is mocked, you tell the guy to take back what he said or beat the breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the guy (which ever works). Now I'm still a boy, single at that, but even I know what a man is to a woman, a protector, not a freaking slave driver ! Dude here's 50cents, go and buy yourself some common sense please, if the even have any on sale. (- -'')

Lastly (for now) THINK BEFORE YOU ACT OR SAY ANYTHING ! Just wanna set this straight, yes with threat and torment, people succumb due to fear. But dude do you know that the one force stronger than fear is HOPE ? People give up in fear, they give up trying anything with the realization that they can never make it, but with hope people do everything imaginable to keep on longing, fighting, striving, waiting for good things to come sooner or later. This longing and waiting of hope is what makes people suffer greater pain. Yes you could kill people with fear, but with hope people die slowly suffering agonizing even more. 

So that is my three pieces of advice, reflect on yourself before commenting on others, grow a pair and be a man, and think before acting or saying anything. I need you to remember those three and if not, SOMEBODY'S GONNA GET HURT REAL BAD.

p/s: Angry blogger is angry ..( \  / )..

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  1. nice advice nash!!!...i will take note for the valuable advice...=) anyway...nice post dude...keep it up!...(yang benar-azwa-)