Friday, 20 April 2012


This here post might have the potential to cause some sentiments (piss people off or make people cry) (or maybe not at all) (#JustSaying). For our respected i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers' emotional safety we (by 'we' i mean 'i') recommend you not to go on reading any further if you're gonna be pissed off and marah me later on. Read at own risk. But if you read this and you felt nothing, and nothing happened, ignore everything here and go make out with a unicorn :) Other than that happy choking lovelies.

Neverland. You guys know that place? Obviously you guys would know where it is kan? Well to those who don't know where Neverland is, here's a brush up on your geography. Its near the land of Peopledontgiveafcuk, in between Shitgoanddie Island and Dieseeificare Island. So yeah that's where it is. Got it? Good. Well as you guys know, Peter Pan, the boy who never grows old lives there with his band of lost boys. They have all kinds of fun there, pick on pirates, main masak-masak with the red indians, never taking any baths, and they smoke weed, ice or pot, or whatever drug they have there, getting high talking to fairies, swimming with mermaids and flying without wings and all. All in all their life is perfect. :)

Why the sudden interest in Neverland? Well simply because, figuratively speaking anything (not just about anything though) would be better than being cooped up here, living on hostile ground, Neverland seems to be the best place in mind. I don't know how to put it into words but, put it this way, its like i'm on a mine field, one false move and BOOM ! i'm dead. Sigh, its hard living like this, not to mention, dull, boring and dead. I don't know why but i don't feel like putting up with "happy" or "smiles" here and now. Because even if there is a little ray of happiness peeking through the wide open window, call me blind, but i don't see it lasting. Depressing. I know. Try walking, jumping, and running in my shoes. (= ="). I haven't tried everything yet, but Neverland to me seems to be the most promising way out, coz i really like the part about not being subjected to aging there, so there's no need for me to buy all those awet muda pills that they're desperately trying to sell on tv. Only problem now is to find someone who would wanna travel and live there forever and ever with me. Not that its any real problem for me though, who wouldn't like me kan? :D

Sigh. Sorry for the all the BS-ing earlier on. This little retard is currently flying into a cloud of bad emotions. Not good for the health, i know, i'll swallow a bottle of random pills later. Gosh, only god knows how i feel right here and now. It wasn't this hard earlier because i have Kuantan to distract me a bit, but even then each smile i had hides something, stopping me from really enjoying things to its fullest extents. Now that Kuantan is a mere memory, coping with it is even harder. Sometimes i do feel like crying my head off, but macho guys don't cry. Crying is for sissies kan? hehehh. People might say that by keeping it to yourself and by not telling anyone, it only makes it harder for you. But telling it to another is kinda hard and not really an option for me, coz you know in the end, the one who has to deal with such things, who has to face the music (music don't have faces, yeah noted, deal with it), the one who has to take the bull by the horns is little ol me. Therefor i see no reason for me to burden another with my own stupid problem. I know people out there have bigger issues than me, you know like, cirit-birit trying to find a loo, where to find money to buy drugs, which lorong has the best hookers, serious things like that compared to mine is like alahh dust i think. XP

Huhh. Well to add to that, i feel like E.T. abandoned by his little freaky cone headed alien friends. Alone. (o.O) So yeah. I have those problems paired with this other thing to. My life is great! (= ="). Not really saying that i don't have good friends though. I do pride myself having lots of good friends. Thing is, they're all just to far away and occupied. Dang it. As if we're separated by continents. Sheeesh. Everytime i feel like talking privately to a friend, you know like pillow talks and hush-hush behind closed doors sorta things, i always get held back. 1) i see they're not really interested, 2) awkward circumstances, and 3) they doze off. See what i have to deal with now? Sheessh This time i feel like Pluto. Not even a star and disregarded as a planet. Shit its cold. (= ="). Yeah sometimes i do feel stupidly jealous of those people who has those hush-hush relationship with their good friends know like sisters or bromance kinda thing? hahahah. But yeah even a macho lil boy like me do have that sensitive side that he cant act upon. :P

I think i've been missing my point here, my mission was to be furiously angry. like ANGRY ! and fry you i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers' brains, fried i tell you! like scrambled eggs! :P. Corrupting you forever. But i know you i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers brains are already corrupted, no thanks to me. So yeah, irrelevant and i'm just BS-ing now. Well i just realized something, i've ran out of anger to write about for now. Man, this blogging thing is really a good therapy for maintaining stress! Wow! Definitely gonna recommend blogging to those angry and desperate housewives of Wisteria Lane. I bet Bree Van De Kamp, Gabrielle Solis, Lynette Scavo, Susan Mayer, and Mary Alice Young's blog would be really juicy and scandalous. purrrr miow~ X3

So, nothing else to write really. With that bravo and brava for me. Anger contained, body kept healthy, and precious things saved (coz i have this one friend who likes to toss their iron around in anger, you know the thing you iron your clothes with. But thats another unrelated story). Well then. Kbye~

p/s: gosh blogging really is good for the health! i feel no pain in my chest now! XD
p/p/s: sorry this post is full of only words, nk load pics lembab thp gaban xlarat. so, xoxo :P

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