Monday, 23 April 2012


Turn on the news today what do we see, surface crisis, war, poverty, pollution, the usual. Believe it or not these are just mere distractions, as always. Distractions of the real dangers hidden in our daily live, shaded by ignorance of the of the masses. Think about it, life is a battle for meaning, the enemy is meaningless. Our existence is to make a difference in life. We're here to make ripples in history. But what means are we tryna fight for? What difference will we make? What kind of history will we be leaving behind?

We're kids, we're not held by the rules that binds the adults. Even as to that regard, adults are kinda more fucked up than kids are. Tell a kid not to do something, they abide. But forbid a grown up from doing something, the urged to do it even more. With even just one single generation of adults with this nature to "go against", then we could simply say goodbye forever to a future of serenity and peace. They might complain about the corruption of youths these days, but they forgot who raised them initially, adults lead by examples, the corruption must come from somewhere.

A dark tunnel, as dark as our hidden fears, the stench from the poisonous gasses, rats, darkness, danger, there's really nothing scary about those. The really scary stuffs are nearer. Closer to home. Echoes of someones's screaming. Screams, yells, shouts, the way parents solve their problems. Even that, that's not really a solution for their problems. Have you ever wondered why, parents never finish their problems? Because they don't want them to be done with. What's left for them when the problem is solved? See, after a problem is solved, the only thing left for them is the unknown, that is what really scares them. People always think that we have to be strong, fearless. they always think that we need to be prepared for the unknown. Wrong.  Truth is, we should embrace the unknown, before the unknown embraces us.

At school, i hated the part where we have to write essays on " the cause and how to educated people bout hiv/aids", or "what cause baby dumping and how to curb it", or "what would you do to improve the environment" and some other shits like that. Instead of writing what i really felt was necessary, i just wrote again and again, campaigns, educate the public, safe sex and whatnot. Reality is, those stupid things would've never work in real life. Because if it did work, then i wouldn't have to write stupid essays bout those kinda problems. What i really wanted to write was, growing up is a disease, transforming us into ignorant and greedy bastards. Taking and having pleasure their own way, without thinking of the consequences of their own action. Example, the first world war happened partly because people thirst for attention, unnecessary stupid and childish attention.

We're living in an era where everything is disposable. paper cups, paper plates, plastic bottles, portable toilets, and many other shits. Now everything is disposable. And with the now 7 billion and growing population, we could relentlessly say that in the near future, even people could be entirely disposable. We already see people throwing away their babies, and old people away. So the era of disposable people is kinda inevitable.

Problems acknowledge, but solving them, its like looking into a paradox. There's really no clear mark of black and white, try to solve one, another pops up.


  1. wow!!....nice post nash!!...keep it up!...XD (yang benar azwa)

  2. agreed in ever word that you wrote (: