Wednesday, 18 April 2012



Yeah, that is what i literally screamed out loud upon finding out that i was offered a spot in UiTM Foundation in Law (I hated it because my aim was initially diploma in biotechnology). I screamed so loud that the next door neighbor (also my aunt) came rushing to see if i stabbed myself trying to cut bawang. (- -"). But nobody shared my grief. Mom was ecstatic, calling dad soon after that saying that their son is gonna be a "lawyer". hahahh. The only thing i have in mind that time was, " how can this little loser be a lawyer? wimp couldn't even talk publicly ?! " haiz. I almost died there and then. But that was almost a year ago. Cutting the crap now. I've finished my foundation program, and currently unemployed waiting for the results to be released next week. The suspense is killing us Law students alike, (coz apparently there are rumors going around that many failed 087). Dang it we don't wanna repeat. Malu wooo. o.O''

Cutting the crap, again (idk why and how la people wanna cut "crap" aka shit, poop, feces. I can only imagine people cutting crap with their butts). LOLs. Well the only thing i wanna share now is on "WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN DEBATE". I've only enjoyed the pleasures of this club in my final semester, which is kinda late. So i wanna take the chance to inform the future "hadek-hadek" of UiTM Kuantan about the perks of being a debat-er and debater of UiTM Kuantan, so they won't miss the chance of being a part of something awesome. :). I know, i know, upon reading this some of you hadek-hadek will think "homaigodd, this abang is sooooo cool, nice and handsome, nk jd hadek angkat boleh?" the answer is "boleh!!" hahahahh. (bpk la perasan gile laki ny) XD. Hahahh, i'm not being "perasan" as you might say, i'm just being confident of myself (a value which everyone should have in them) :).

Moving on, here are some reasons "WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN DEBATE". :)

LE COOL PEOPLE. Believe me hadek-hadek, the people in this club are literally some of the coolest ever lived! In my generation (ecceyy cm da lama sgt je :P), the members of the club consist of cheerleaders, head boys and head girls, singers, artists, guitarist, pianist, athletes, all-rounders, high-achievers, brainiacs, tough guys, casanovas, prom queens, beauty queens, you name it the coolest people are all part of the club. Non-members everywhere envied us debat and debaters, and that's a fact agreed upon by debaters everywhere. Our presence being purely of fun is what makes people envy us. No, we're not cocky, or rude, or too hidung tinggi. We're just outspoken, frank, and full spirited thats all. :)

LE PLACES WE GO. Being a debater its our nature to habiskan the HEA and HEP's funds. hahahh. Coz debaters make it a crucial point for them to go to as many competition they can, not necessarily to win, but for the experience to be gain. :). Plus its also a good excuse to go on holliday with close friends. Often its not about the destination, but more to the fun time we shared in the journey together. Greater still the trip and expenses are all funded by UiTM! And that is why UiTM dihatiku. XD

LE NEW FRIENDS WE MAKE. Another good thing about being a debater is that you get to meet people from everywhere, fight them (with word, not fists), and at the end of the day be good friends with them. Now isn't that just awesome? Personally i've made some friends from all over too. Its not just that, you could also get lucky in the love department, as you know, debat and debaters are all artistic and romantically expressive. So they say la, who knows, you might get lucky and catch a guppy or two? hahahahh XD 

Well, i wanna pour my heart and soul into this post, garnishing it with sugar spice and everything nice, about the awesome fun i had, so that all you i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers could easily digest these shit. :P. But those kinds of memories are impossible to put into words, especially by a little retard like me with my ever so limited vocabulary. All in all, i could say my life so far even with all the stupid mistakes i've made, is awesome. Just AWESOME.

Le tribute to Jay, our awesomest Captain Awesome. She acts as a friend, sister, coach, and advisor teaching all that she knows to us, her senseless little anak-anak buah. Personally taking me under her wing of 80% awesomeness and 20% kooky pervetness is a privilage any retard would ever dream to have the chance. There would be no Debate Club without our Captain Awesome. Thanks Kak Long Jay.

Le UiTM Kuantan 1. Awesome teammates, Hanan and Alliya. Thanks for putting up with this useless dummy, and sorry for always slacking off. You guys are awesome, yes you guys put on a soft, sweet image, but you guys kick butts! Thank You for making this whole journey unforgettable ! :D

Le UiTM Kuantan 2. Best Friend Najwa, Melodious former teammate Iman, and Sarah Sweet Heart. XD. You guys kick and hand the opponents butts back to them ! Individually you're great, but as a team you guys are awesome ! Go Girl Power ! idk why but i see Butterrcup, Blossom, and Bubbles in the lower right picture. Kawaii !! :D

Le UiTM Kuantan 3.Lil sis Farah aka Fairy, Big Bro Iman, and Persuasive Syauqi. Awesome again is the word. Though you say you're new to debating, you guys owned it ! :D

Le new psycho twin in blue. In the past debate competitions i've been to, i've always been the only guy in the whole team. But with my long lost twin who doesn't at all look like me i don't feel odd alone. hahahahh. Fish, nothing much to say but, its nice to have met and known you ! If i may comment, i'd say that you freak me out sometimes, funny at other times, and a whole lot of drama most of the time. Hahahahh. But i know deep down you'd be a fun friend to keep. Stay awesome ! :D 

Le crazy best friend Najwa, though your hair, looks, dressing, and presence gives people the idea that you're a lesbo, i know and belive that you are and forever will be an exceptional girl with an awesome softer side. Tough and strong as you are, you're still a girl deserving of a guy's love. Dont worry your prince charming is on his way, its just that his gps broke, he got lost on the way and is too stubborn to ask for direction. Patience, he'll arrive soon. :D

Sweet Hearts Sarah and Bella. Though we've only been friends for a while, but we've managed to be good friends. Thanks for being my body guards, my ushers, my hunnies, my mummy ayams. hahahahh. I'll really do miss both of you guys, your laughter, and smile :D. We'll meet again at the MDS right? :D

*dikelilingi gadis-gadis* But yes i'm single, and still working to be the perfect boyfriend for that special one. I know it gets lonely sometimes being single. hahahahahah. XD. But you girls, kept me company most of the time, till i don't really feel like i'm single at all, you girls are my scandals. XD. For that thanks ! 

Yes i was an insecure child depending on others. A little retard who fought for nothing but his benefits. A little idiot knowing nothing about how to live life. But i know now that even by only a fraction of the width of my not so straight hair, i've grown for the better, accepted myself as who i am, open up to the world, made friends to some stangers, started living life. No the debate club didn't really do that, but its an actual start, at least it is for me. And that is how, the debate club changed me. And yes i am cam whoring. If you have a problem with me taking too many pictures, then its your problem coz i dont give a dang. :P

p/s: i did wanna upload more pictures but the wifi at home moves like a turtle on weed. haiz. But yeah, to those  i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers, thanks for visiting :)


  1. I got teared up reading the part about me and prince charming thing.. and you are so sweet nasha. Any girl would be so lucky to have you as her prince. I love you. :')

    1. hehehh. :D. thanks best friend. :D. our time will come. XD

    2. Touched my soul !!

    3. hehehh, glad it did Anonymous :)

    4. cool.. i just hope can be part of this debate club..maybe later.. ;)

    5. hahahahh. you can, you can, whoever you are Anonymous. :D

  2. nice one anonymous:P
    -sarah khalil-