Saturday, 12 May 2012


. . .

i am alone
i am oblivious
i am out of Coke
i am delusional
i am annoyed
i am dazed
i am paranoid

i am afraid
i am not amused
i am alone
I just wanna be with a friend
and be happy
. . .
Yeah, as i've mentioned before, blogging is like a therapy for me. I strarted feeling really down at first but updating this post with random L Lawliet's pics kinda soothes the tension in my head :3

Having lots of things in common (perasan) L Lawliet is my favorite character of all! A genius slacker with one helluva sweet tooth, L is  my hero! Everything single brittle bone in his diabetic body, every single thing that he does, every single thing he say, screams out "Awesomeness". Haiz, haters might say he's cold and soulless, but i feel that he's just empty and lonely (pandai-pandai je). But even with loneliness he get by everyday accompanied by all his sugary diabetic sweets.

L is for Loneliness


p/s: these lil L figurines, please can somebody get them for me?! nobody?? meyhh (- -"). the i'll have to buy them on my own. huhh

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


So hello you i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist readers, good day? Mine was shit, as always. Haiz. Teeeeeetttttt. Moving on to the topic of the day. Girls, they're always so affectionate, always showing their love to others and also their hate, disgust, jealousy, and anger too. We always see them acting mushy-mushy, lovey-dovey, kissy-kissy and whatnot with their friends of the same gender, their girlfriends, and we guys have always like we have any other choice think its cute and sweet. But if guys do that, all those mushy-mushy, lovey-dovey, kissy-kissy shit in public, people in general will always react like this, 

Well, can't really blame them though. For guys to act like that, it just looks unnaturally gaaaaaayyyy. Haiz. But still, stereotypes like this is what guys often gets offended by. Just because guys act nice and sweet with each other, doesn't entirely mean that they're gay. It could just mean that they are close enough, to have a relationship called "BROMANCE". For all you dummies out there, "Bromance" is a word derived from "Brother" and "Romance" which defines into the complicated love and affection shared by two or more straight males.

I made this post coz one of my friend showed me something on Youtube which i find very catchy, but that comes later. Here are some Signs You're In A Bromance. Its really a clear cut thing so people in these "Bromance" thing should have no trouble relating to it. Hahahhh. Embrace the Bromance weirdos! 

The solitary kiss or an "X" or whatever you put at the end of your texts showing affection is a sign that you are comfortable with your sexuality. However never leave more than two "X"s, as it will suggest that you just want to suck his dick. :P

In guys' close bond with each other, there will be this unwillingness of both parties to let the other feel too good about themselves. If your buddy feels particularly confident in his appearance, you'd be kinda tempted to knock his confidence in a way for example by saying that the shirt he wears makes him look fat.

Guys are generally perceived to be dull in conversations compared to gals. the 2 topic most talked about between guys are 1) football and 2) sex and thats about it. However, if you're in a committed Brolationship you can look past the dullness and talk about other stuffs. such as, errr...

Well suggesting that you guys did everything together, gym, drinking, games, and whatnot, watching porn and fapping in the same room is a piece of cake isn't it? (Sheeeesshhhhhhh. Ok, this is not me. it all the internet, i'm just an innocent and naive boy, i have no idea what this is all about. dont judge me ok??!).

Bro's in true bromance will understand that you may mock their clothes, career, even his ONS, but you never (EVER) touch his hair. But in cases where a guy doesn't mind if the buddy messes with his hair, this surely indicates a certain kind of intimacy going on there.

Well in life you have that overwhelming urge to tell your buddies how much they mean to you. These conversations tend to leave you very awkward later on, but as you guys embrace these things it'll seem natural that people who need you in their lives will make an effort to stay and realize its not a bad thing, its just a reassurance. 

There's a fine line between "Bromance" and plain "Gay". What you have to look out for are things like:
-more than one pair of matching shirts.
-kisses on the lips (long and wet ones).
-underwear preference consultations before actually buying an underwear.
-valentines card with lubes and condoms.
-heart shaped frame with their picture in it.

So yeah, Bromance and Gayness is two very different things :P. Well, the catchy thing my friend showed me on Youtube was this video, "Bromance". So pause the god damn music player on the top right side of the blog, put on your earphones, and enjoy this catchy tune brought to you by the Wong Fu Productions. :D

* * F I N * *

p/s: Robin and Kid Flash have this kinda sweet bromance thing which i find sweet i could die of diabetes. hahahh. the fan arts are taken from Gosh if only i could produce great artworks like them. o.O

Friday, 4 May 2012


i like it when you treat me like a little boy

p/s: this little blogger is smitten :D

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


lil me camwhoring. i'm cute! hahah kbye XP
Lazy dayyyyyyy. Pffftttt. Everyday is "lazy day" for me. Haiz. This morning mom used a megaphone to wake me up, well not really a megaphone but yeah, when she tries to wake me up, it feels like she's trying to wake the whole neighborhood up. Apparently because when i'm asleep, i'm literally dead, therefore mom wakes the dead every morning. XP. Waking me up in the morning troubles, it's really their fault though, they trained me to sleep through anything when i was a baby, literally anything. When i was a baby be it nuclear bombs going off, or volcanoes erupting, i still slept soundly. hahahh. :D. Well moving on, nobody wanna know all this cute baby memories of my awesome self now. :P

So, recently i went to watch this one awesome movie with my one awesome friend, don't wanna tell you i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers what movie it was, but lets just dub this movie "awesome action movie this year", try guessing what movie it is. :P Well based on my careful observations of this movie and other movies of the like, i've managed to come out with some facts i find funny about action movies these days. so, here they are. (if you don't find these things in anyway funny or true, go get some drugs, ecstacy pills, or laughing gas and just get high and read this post again)

The United States of America is the only existing country in the world.
Go through any movies where aliens wanna invade, or gods are throwing tantrums at each others, or pervy super heroes in tights, leotards and underwear are fighting pathetic villains in public, look at the setting, where is that? Well, i don't see  battleships on the horizon of the spice routes of China-India, i don't see Percy Jackson travelling to Seoul to get one of those Persephone's pearls, i don't see Spiderman swinging between the Petronas Twin towers, all those things happens in the USA. Hahahh. So yeah, its either the aliens' radar can only see the USA on their high tech maps, the Greek gods are afraid of the wrath of the Asian gods, Spiderman can't afford a plane ticket, or all the above. Hahahh. Personally i think the "aliens", "gods", and "superheroes and villains" know that they couldn't handle us, that's why they prey only on the USA. Hahahh. Jk jk. Please don't sue or isa me. :P

Unlimited ammo in war or gunfight.
Well yeah, watch any action or war or movies with gunfights in them, you'll see that the hero will have an endless or infinite amount of ammunitions. Like seriously, they shoot an endless amount of bullets and gun fire and it seems like it never runs out. Even if the gun or fire arms are stricken of juice, another gun or weapon will magically appear for the heroes or good guys to use. Its like they have divine assistance from the God of War. Hahahh. Like c'mon people, in a real gunfight, you'd be dead if there's a battalion of baddies and you waste your bullets firing randomly at anything that moves. :P hahahh. Of which this brings us to our next topic.

Good guys have perfect aiming.
Relating to the earlier shits, in action movies, wherever the hero or good guys point their guns or firearms at, they'll always manage to hit a baddie or a henchman. Like serious shit, they aim to the left and the baddie to the right dies! And it only takes the hero or the good guys 1 or 2 shots to kill like 10 baddies, but the baddies who trained years in a mafia or a gang or a baddie troupe has to shoot 100+ times over just to hit one of the hero's ally. Like dafuq? I bet that the baddies in real life would've kill you before you could say  otorhinolaryngological (a medicine for the nose). Hahahh :P

Well, there you go, some facts i find funny (so-so la) about action movies nowadays. Hahahh, so guessed what movie i watched? well, its The Avengers. Hahahh. To those who have yet to watch this awesome movie here's an awesome spoiler, when all hopes seems lost, and humanity is on the verge of its dreaded end, Harry Potter and the trio saved the day, Avada Kedavra! and everyone lived happily ever after. XP. Go watch the movie!! :P

p/s: i like watching movies, but i love watching movies when people belanja me :P kbye~