Saturday, 12 May 2012


. . .

i am alone
i am oblivious
i am out of Coke
i am delusional
i am annoyed
i am dazed
i am paranoid

i am afraid
i am not amused
i am alone
I just wanna be with a friend
and be happy
. . .
Yeah, as i've mentioned before, blogging is like a therapy for me. I strarted feeling really down at first but updating this post with random L Lawliet's pics kinda soothes the tension in my head :3

Having lots of things in common (perasan) L Lawliet is my favorite character of all! A genius slacker with one helluva sweet tooth, L is  my hero! Everything single brittle bone in his diabetic body, every single thing that he does, every single thing he say, screams out "Awesomeness". Haiz, haters might say he's cold and soulless, but i feel that he's just empty and lonely (pandai-pandai je). But even with loneliness he get by everyday accompanied by all his sugary diabetic sweets.

L is for Loneliness


p/s: these lil L figurines, please can somebody get them for me?! nobody?? meyhh (- -"). the i'll have to buy them on my own. huhh

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  1. L is L and you is you. two different people in two different world. don't put yourself like him, you have a better life than him :) cheer up dingdong. everything's gonna be fine.