Monday, 11 June 2012


Me + A Bunch Of Kiddies Younger Than Me + Guiding = ???

So yeah, never have i imagined myself to be in that situation. Firstly because in guiding people through anything, the guide has to know everything that is related to the matter at hand like the back of his hand right? And yeah its really unlikely for me to be guiding people, or a bunch of eager hearted kiddies throughout their freshie days on campus at this, as most of the times this little idiot is lost too o.O" And secondly, it involves talking to strangers, which is kinda a big "No-No-Maybe?" for me, coz yeah "Stranger-Danger" you oblivious dimwit. hahahh :P

But yeah, for some strange reasons that only the complex extended diorama of the multiverse can comprehend, this little idiot grabbed the very chance he gets to become an OC or formally known as UiTM's Pembimbing Minggu Destini Siswa (PMDS) for the juniors' orientation week. hahahh. Talk about taking the bull by the horns huhh? :P. Well, thank god nobody died when i was an OC, or else, that would really be a big "oopsie daisy". But yeah, all is well, every life was kept on living, nobody died, but yeah some of them did have a bad case of diarrhea (for all you science dummie, it means that they had troubles with wanting to poop a whole lot :P), but it wasn't my fault ok? XP

Orientation week was fun, especially if you're part of the Special Tasks Bureau (biro tugas-tugas khas). It was fun working and fooling around with those OCs from Jengka, the we're really nice actually. Well for the most part this little idiot just mostly fooled around and slept a whole lot when the others worked :P but yeah everything was great. I got to help the juniors by with all their MDS problems just by being a staring statue (i admit, didnt do much to help :P). Don't really know why i have to call them "juniors" though, coz technically we're about the same age kann? :P. But yeah, an OC has power over those "junior", so yeah, treat me with tender, love and care my subjects! XD.

The juniors i've met so far, was awesome just to say the least. Colourfull backgrounds, different personas, all with interesting stories to tell. A SHOUT OUT GOES OUT TO ALL YOU CUTE JOHOREAN JUNIORS! XD Coz they really are just that cute (the ones i've met la, ramai je lg yg cute2 hotstuff2 :P). I really do see awesomeness budding from the hearts of these young kiddies. Its either that, or scandals that i see growing between the siswas and siswis of UiTM Kuantan. Which we OC admit, you guys are really quick at positioning yourselves for love! hahahh. Nonetheless, just be happy, but dont ever forget your studies ok hadek-hadek? XP. If there's any juniors reading this, feel free to ask me anything relating to life in Kuantan, i may not know much, but i know enough :)

So yeah, now, at this very minute, i'm sitting at a table outside McDonalds, starving. hehehh. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN AWESOME KUANTAN ASASIANS! :D WISHING ALL THE AWESOMENESS FOR YOU GUYS! :D

OC's TTK Family :D
Awesome Kuantan OCs
The Roomates
OCs at work XD


  1. I'm one of your junior , and I'm reading this xD
    nice entry ~

  2. wow!!!....kaw jadi fasilitator ker??....waha!!...hebat3....thaniah3...hehehe....ada jumpa ramai tak adek2 yg lawa2...??...haha

  3. hi my name is Shamin. And I'm an active blog walker. So I was google-ing the other day and found your blog. The name Kubinashi tu cam really interest me so I trus clicked. lol. And true enough, your blog is interesting.

    I've never actually found such a good male blogger cos you know, usually girls yg blog and update slalu and say interesting things kan. Boys? Not so much. So your blog was kind of refreshing to say the least. It was nice to see things in a male's perspective.
    So mmg awesome r. I personally like you bromance post and the action movie post. Funny, witty and makes my head nod and say btol3 like upin n ipin. Your writing skills awesome...hahaha...

    So I hope you update this blog frequently and not let it die(like most male bloggers yg I pernah follow) and yeah...keep on posting more interesting things for us yes-we-do-exist readers. ^_^

  4. wahh..seronoknya diaa.. :)