Monday, 11 June 2012


believed to be born of love potion number nine,
convinced was a soul of love's illusive design,
numbed from feeling something so divine,
the thing he searched for never will he find,

along came another with something so new,
something thought born only by a witch's brew,
though yet to be sure of a feeling so strong, 
the first thought it'd be nothing to naively play along.

atop an antique ship their morning was spent,
to an ancient window as the evening went,
as the sun dimmed its youthful glow,
what was hidden in both hearts both did show.

in eerie silence the two souls stood,
sharing things like old friends would,
the feelings behind every smile and wink.
was better than any fancy words dabbed in ink.

though high hills the two did ascend,
their time together did come to an end,
as each part to their own individual trip,
one gave the other the tightest grip.

miles apart where they lay their scene,
forever will they remember where their heart's been,
star-crossed in distance, in heat, and in cold,
they'll always have each other to have and to hold.

teddy bear :3

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  1. cewahhh.. tetiba ade dinasour