Wednesday, 29 August 2012


If i could paint a picture so perfectly, i wouldn't have to write it all in a thousand different ways just to get to the point of how i am feeling. I lost count of the times i gave myself in just to hope i could get a little bit more from love . So i decided to take a step back and review on the failing attempts. I reckon expectations really do play a part and by having this invisible benchmark does not leave you any more invincible than you think you are, in fact, it just makes everything worse because nothing seems too impressive anymore. I tried to amend certain things but it just seemed too radical altogether and i find myself stuck in a bottomless pit hole. Admist the discomfort of it all, i remained dubious in that cuddled stupor, refusing to budge nor improvise on my plans to free myself from such displeasure. I am talking about giving up. Giving up on trying to always make things right yet ending up feeling like a total piece of shit.


  1. "Don't force yourself or others to fall in love. You never have to force yourself to fall down haven't you?"

    I dunno how this quote helps and not knowing the extent of your love and to whom it might be for... I'd rather just say this famous words.
    Don't ever give up. And keep moving forward.

  2. Nash is back!! entry came out from your brain!..hehehe