Saturday, 29 September 2012


Someone tell me why it's all so complex,
Can I make you love me with a charm or hex?
You're too big to notice little old me,
It's like finding an ant from the top of a tree,

Look at you, that bright shining form,
You were looking at me, I could've sworn,
Why's there no peace? I can't go to sleep,
I want you so bad, my soul could weep,
About once a week, I catch a glimpse of your smile,
I guess that's what makes it all worth while,

Dear stranger I love, why isn't it true?
Why can't you love me like I love you?
Why don't we hold hands? Why don't we pass notes?
Why can't you insist that I wear all your coats?
Why can't I have the courage to say,
"I'm indefinitely in love, let's get married today"?

I am a stalker as I watch you in the halls,
You've got me falling the fall of all falls,
If you only loved me, If it were true,
If you only loved me just like I love you,

My friends say I should tell you my name,
Really I'd faint if I played that game,
You know what? You should read my mind,
That'd be the kind thing to do, Why can't you be kind?
Dear stranger I love, why can't it be true?
Why don't you love me just like love you?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

19 OH 19

So hellewwwwww (gedik gila I know, bear with me). 19 September 2012. My best buddy, Azuhairi, bestest best buddy out of all the bestest best buddies in le whole multiverse of le constellation of narcissistic worlds!! (does this even make sense? whatever :P) Y'know whats better than a buddy turning 19?? Me forgetting all about it!! (= =). Idiot best friend is idiot. LOL. So this is how I was actually reminded of le buddy's birthday.

* * * * *

*Azu called*
Azu: Hey.
Me: Ssupp niggah? *just woke up from a power nap* :P
Azu: You forgot to wish me.
Me: Oh today was your final paper right? Congrats on your final paper!!
Azu: No idiot today is,,
Me: What day is it today? *asks friends for the date*
Azu: It's my birthday you incompetent lil narcissistic idiot  (= =)
Me: WHOAH!! *then it hit me*
(it went pretty much liddat) :P
* * * * *

From all the years of me and Azu being best friends I've never EVER forgotten his birthday. IDK how I could forget about that this year. *gasp* I've changed completely for worst! Imma die, die, DIE! Burn, burn, BURN in hell! (= =). lol cutting all the crap. This is my happy birthday speech to you best friend :} 

(I'm sho shweet. I know)

LOL. Remember these times when:

  1. We were lil, YOU ALWAYS BULLY ME, like ALWAYS. (well not really always) Most of the times, when I do get bullied, and cried, the only one who could cheer me up and make me stop crying was you (but of course you were the one who made me cry in the first place) XP. 
  2. You beat me up in primary 3, just coz you thought I was messing with your gelprennn? (which I didnt! please la I've been a loser at love since forever kowt.) and plus Nadia wasn't my type pun :P
  3. In form1, I got slapped a few times by my dad, yes you laughed like hell that time but still answer and covered up for me when everyone else asked :P
  4. Later the same year in form1 you knocked my head really, REALLY HARD just coz I kinda cheat at some stupid game. It hurt like hell ok!
So I've known you since tadika, we were not in the same kindergarten but ride on the same bus, I remember you always making fun of me for wearing shorts instead of trousers and a songkok like you to tadika, pfftt big deal, hahahh. And now you're 19 going on 90 LOL. Sorry I can't be there celebrating with you, but yeah, I'll always be there close to heart (Ultra gayyyyyyyyyyyy) We're even gonna share the same wedding, pelamin, kenduri and all nanti kan? just not our wives XP So yeah banyak masa lagi for us to spend together :}

Stopping all this garbage talk now,

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


So hello again you, i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist readers! Y'know what? Shah Alam is freaking HOT!! Like seriously, these other guys sleep on the floor at night coz the beds are too hot. Well, people might say that it's because there's too many hotstuffs here thats why, and i'd like to believe that point. :P LOL Cutting the crap (with a butter knife), lately my writings have been really really really uninteresting :P sorry for that. :P

So starting from yesterday morning, I am officially a law student (like heck yeah baby!!) :P But y'know what? Being in UiTM's Faculty of Law (cewaaahhh gah gila kan nama fac dia? :P) is kinda intimidating. Why? Well, for starters, yesterday during the briefing of the program, the moment we walked into the auditorium, i felt like i was seeing,, SHARKS!

LOL. People often depict lawyers as "law sharks", NO, its not for the fact that they are in some way cold blooded, ferocious, cruel, blood-sucking, money-draining punks or anything, coz i'm pretty sure they're nice, really really nice people! Its just that the way they are dressed in black and white, with high end accent, pure confidence, goal driven eyes and sheer will, they give off this kinda "swag" (if you might say) that made me fill like i'm just a lil bug eyed fish in a big sea that's about to be half eaten and be left to die in dire pain on the back of a green sea turtle! LOL :P. I know, I know, shallow idiot is shallow :P But yeah that's how i felt.

Which brings us to today. Today was the first day of lectures, (not that there was any real lectures today), but we did go to our classes today meeting some familiar and new face. There were brunettes (no blonds from what I see :P), free haired cuties, covered (tudung) lovelies, braces, glasses fair skinned, tanned, tall short, big and small. I think apart from me, everybody else seemed fairly normal :) The only thing that got me a bit down was the fact that i've been assigned to a group of people that probably has twice if not trice the amount of IQs that i would ever have! That made me go all like "Thank you! I shall now feel awfully stupid for the rest of the semester!" ("- -). Again, shallow idiot is shallow. 

Anyways, one of the nice nice nice lecturer jokingly said that a lawyer's job was to disagree and argue always, talk, talk, and oh yeah, talk! :P Being the devil's advocate questioning and arguing facts, was our purpose, so if you wanna be a good person you should not be a lawyer, said another. The fact that i'm continuing in this field means imma badass! XP "The Devil's Advocate". Yeah, the first time I heard that phrase, I thought that "Yeah, so i'm already far from God, now what? I should behead chickens, drink thick blood through a sippy cup, and buy a badass goat for a badass pet now??" LOL Can't believe I was that stupid then :P I'm still an idiot now, but not by much XP I'm working on it ok.

The road to be a competently successful lawyer is not easy, one does not simply go to law school one day and get a law degree the next. There are literally tonnes of stuffs to be learned, experiences to be gained, and people to meet. But yeah, I'm glad and proud of myself and all the fellow colleague have made it here, though not in the same group (YEAH ME SOOOOO JELLYYYYYYYY OF THOSE WITH LOTS OF FAMILIAR FACES IN A CLASS) but lets do our best here! :D And to all those haters in primary school that used to bully and tease me and talk bad about me, calling me "maggi" and all, well, you guys can observe my greatness, jump into an empty pool, drool, drool, drool, and drown! (sentap kau jahhhhh :P)  LOL Its ok la, forgot all about you now (really whoever you were, have a great life!) :D Just pray for our success and we're even (not really) :P

Hehehh all this anger and vengeance is sangat tidak bagus untuk kesihatan. LOL. So to whoever it may concern, I'M SORRY. My sincerest apolagies goes out to you for anything bad I did. SORRY (Y)

p's: As a token of my apologies, here are some pictures that could make you go "Awwwwhhhhhhh" (Y)

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hello all you I'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers! *wipes off thick dust* Been quite a while since there was any real entries kann? Hahahh. Yeah, been rather worked up with life and all, I do have a life worth living surprisingly. So hadek-hadek semua, the topic today would be "I am good at.."

Sure, different people have different abilities. Some people may be good at singing, some at painting, some at  marathon running or something. Others like my buddy Aizuddin here seems to be good at anything and everything until its kinda frustrating to keep up with. Hahahh. Well what are you i'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers good at? Care to share? *bajet* Hahahh. Yeah, again, different people, different abilities, all with the exception of me.

This little idiot seems to be good at practically nothing at all. Pathetic lil waste of space. (= ="). From martial arts, to fine arts, from mind games to extreme activities I've tried them all, and might I say, I sucked at each and everyone of them. I have a red belt at teakwondo, but I've only one bronze medal after 7years. I have tonnes of sketch books, all filled with half done crap. I once do marches, but will collapse at the 2nd hour mark. I'll go camping, but never without an insect repellent. I can't even see where I'll be in 10 years. Haiz.

Gosh lately things have sucked even more!! (= ="). I dunno, maybe all the souls of those dead frogs i burn, the dead fishes i drowned, and those rats I fed to my cats are finally getting their revenge on me. Nothing i do will turn out right. I never seem to stop doing stupid things, I'm outta control. Like seriously, just today i failed something outta my own stupidity, even with me reading this like 864345678854 times, I still missed a thing and failed like ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I just hate myself. Really don't know what's gotten over me though. Haiz.

"Think positive things, and you'll give birth to happy molecules"
-Deepak Chopra, MD

I know, i know, thinking so badly of myself just makes things worst, but shit I can never win! Grrrrr. (= ="). I wonder, do any of you I'm-not-sure-if-you-exist-readers know any good shamans, bomohs, or dukuns or something? Coz, really, one of these days, I might just have to mandi bunga or something hahahh :P Maybe, just maybe, I'll call for an exorcist too to rid me of all this bad luck *i know, i know, choiiiii* But what can I do. What if it's really the ghost of some weeping widow that's haunting me, giving me all this bad luck, who knows kan? (= ="). 

p/s: Jinxed. Jinxed. Jinxed. (ToT). Loser. (= =")