Wednesday, 19 September 2012

19 OH 19

So hellewwwwww (gedik gila I know, bear with me). 19 September 2012. My best buddy, Azuhairi, bestest best buddy out of all the bestest best buddies in le whole multiverse of le constellation of narcissistic worlds!! (does this even make sense? whatever :P) Y'know whats better than a buddy turning 19?? Me forgetting all about it!! (= =). Idiot best friend is idiot. LOL. So this is how I was actually reminded of le buddy's birthday.

* * * * *

*Azu called*
Azu: Hey.
Me: Ssupp niggah? *just woke up from a power nap* :P
Azu: You forgot to wish me.
Me: Oh today was your final paper right? Congrats on your final paper!!
Azu: No idiot today is,,
Me: What day is it today? *asks friends for the date*
Azu: It's my birthday you incompetent lil narcissistic idiot  (= =)
Me: WHOAH!! *then it hit me*
(it went pretty much liddat) :P
* * * * *

From all the years of me and Azu being best friends I've never EVER forgotten his birthday. IDK how I could forget about that this year. *gasp* I've changed completely for worst! Imma die, die, DIE! Burn, burn, BURN in hell! (= =). lol cutting all the crap. This is my happy birthday speech to you best friend :} 

(I'm sho shweet. I know)

LOL. Remember these times when:

  1. We were lil, YOU ALWAYS BULLY ME, like ALWAYS. (well not really always) Most of the times, when I do get bullied, and cried, the only one who could cheer me up and make me stop crying was you (but of course you were the one who made me cry in the first place) XP. 
  2. You beat me up in primary 3, just coz you thought I was messing with your gelprennn? (which I didnt! please la I've been a loser at love since forever kowt.) and plus Nadia wasn't my type pun :P
  3. In form1, I got slapped a few times by my dad, yes you laughed like hell that time but still answer and covered up for me when everyone else asked :P
  4. Later the same year in form1 you knocked my head really, REALLY HARD just coz I kinda cheat at some stupid game. It hurt like hell ok!
So I've known you since tadika, we were not in the same kindergarten but ride on the same bus, I remember you always making fun of me for wearing shorts instead of trousers and a songkok like you to tadika, pfftt big deal, hahahh. And now you're 19 going on 90 LOL. Sorry I can't be there celebrating with you, but yeah, I'll always be there close to heart (Ultra gayyyyyyyyyyyy) We're even gonna share the same wedding, pelamin, kenduri and all nanti kan? just not our wives XP So yeah banyak masa lagi for us to spend together :}

Stopping all this garbage talk now,

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