Saturday, 29 September 2012


Someone tell me why it's all so complex,
Can I make you love me with a charm or hex?
You're too big to notice little old me,
It's like finding an ant from the top of a tree,

Look at you, that bright shining form,
You were looking at me, I could've sworn,
Why's there no peace? I can't go to sleep,
I want you so bad, my soul could weep,
About once a week, I catch a glimpse of your smile,
I guess that's what makes it all worth while,

Dear stranger I love, why isn't it true?
Why can't you love me like I love you?
Why don't we hold hands? Why don't we pass notes?
Why can't you insist that I wear all your coats?
Why can't I have the courage to say,
"I'm indefinitely in love, let's get married today"?

I am a stalker as I watch you in the halls,
You've got me falling the fall of all falls,
If you only loved me, If it were true,
If you only loved me just like I love you,

My friends say I should tell you my name,
Really I'd faint if I played that game,
You know what? You should read my mind,
That'd be the kind thing to do, Why can't you be kind?
Dear stranger I love, why can't it be true?
Why don't you love me just like love you?

1 comment:

  1. Dear friend,

    Seems like you are floating in the air.
    Get back your feet on this mother earth..
    Well you still can continue doing