Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Have you ever had important things to do then putting it off coz not doing things seemed like the best thing to do when as a matter of fact by you not doing things at that time would result you in having a whole lot of things to do later, and in the end those things that you had to do that you didn't do would just come back from the dead, fuck you up and just land you in deep shit, leaving you going,

I have this habit of misplacing things, thoughts, notes, people, MONEY! Idk la, but yeah, its liddis, say my mum banked in let say RM100 today, tomorrow I'd be left with +/- RM 50! I don't have the slightest of ideas what I did with that money! Serious shit I think I have compulsive spending disorder. That or some kind of immature toyol going about. If this continues Imma die! Sure imma get married, have kids, grandkids, only then imma grow old and die. Die without ever knowing what I did with me money! Haiz. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. And yes, one more thing, the guys all got their PTPTN money already. All of them, except for me. I called PTPTN, and the lady said it'd be there within 2 weeks, but it has been 15 days da! What fuckery is this? I want to shopping-shopping with me friends too y'know ("=3=). Guess they know I have problems with spending and purposely doing this for my own good. Haiz. Good guy PTPTN, why you so good? ("=3=).

Up, down and all around, people are talking bout either partners/couples, love, or marriage. Yes MARRIAGE. People tying the hypothetical non-existing knot. It made me think, contemplate about my oh so pathetic life. I really don't want to end up being the old guy living with 50 cats in a house and having my friends children or grandchildren calling me "uncle" even though we're not related and play with my pedigree cats worth millions tu. Haiz. Kennot la liddat. ("=3=). I must learn how to make people love me. I must!

p/s: Dear stranger I like, I'm not a creepy stalker dude, I'm just a guy who's kinda secretly admiring you :3