Saturday, 8 June 2013


Creativity has its own life
Longing to be free
It's something I must do
Though you may never see

Do these words mean I'm crazy?
It may be that I am,
I just let my feelings show,
But control myself, I can.

How should I act around you?
What am I allowed to say?
What is wrong, what is right and what can be shared?
These are the questions that will always stay.

I want to know you,
It's clear for you to see,
You can be my friend,
Are you thinking of me?

Maybe I'm being presumptuous,
Something I need to be told,
Are you just being polite?
Am I being too bold?

I can be your confidant,
Your secret's safe with me,
You'll never have to wonder,
If I'll reveal for all to see.

My age a curse,
Yet equally a blessing,
I may be too young,
But I'll never keep you guessing.

I give everything I have,
Yet never lose control,
I am not unemotional,
I let my feelings roll.

I have listened to what society has taught,
And to these things, everyday I give thought,
Yet we pass this way one time only,
And I don’t want to spend it being lonely.

But it's back to the reality,
Of what it all means,
I'll go back to my world,
And see you in my dreams.