Thursday, 5 March 2015


An emotionally distant partner could be hella frustrating. When talking and sharing stops, the invisible wall goes up, which can lead to some very unhappy endings. If you happen to be one very jealous or insecure soul, then the path you chose would pretty much be hell. Challenges upon challenges will greet you everyday. Its best to really consider whether you can handle challenges that are to come. Its sad to see someone fail being overwhelmed by conflicts.
True Colours.
"She used to be so amazing, how did she become such nightmare?"
"He was so sweet in the beginning, now he's just boring."
We've all had a fare share of these circumstances. People, like onions, have layers upon layers of state of being. Sure some people might look decent or nice enough on the outside, but the insides are always a mystery. This can be good and also bad, depending on the onion person you chose to get to know and how you are. Its advisable that you take your time and get to know them. Don't be an idiot and jump straight into the deep end. On a different but somewhat related note, there's always a reason why people are the way they are, with some effort, you might get to know them better and accept and be accepted if you're lucky enough.
Lies. Lies. Lies.
Lies destroy a crucial component in a partnership: trust. Being transparent with your significant other is advisable, that way nothing would be misunderstood hopefully. A person's need to lie tell a lot about their character and emotional health.
Lazy Bones.
"He gave and only gave in the beginning, expecting nothing in return. But now it's like he's eyeing for a reward for every good deed.".. some people put their best foot forward when trying to woo their partners. Tried to much to a point that they exhaust their physical and mental resources, then ultimately stop. A fatal error. A relationship of any kind, is basically all about sharing. Both partners have to give and meet the other half way. Its not enough that one person is trying their best to make things work, the other has to take actions too, they are reaching towards the same goal anyway, mutual happiness. Yes cheesy. Most relationships I've witness are of the "Damsel in Distress syndrome - Superhero complex". "Damsel in distress syndrome" being, one party either knowingly or unknowingly expects the other to always be there for them, to an extent they forget that the partner is there to enrich their quality of life and not to wait on them hand and foot. If you expect that in a person then you need a butler or a servant, not a lover (though the partner may not mind acting like a servant out of love, that would not be fair, and in time would prove to be detrimental to a relationship.) "Superhero complex" is the circumstances where the person sets out to be the saviour of their prospective partner. These people would tend to perceive their partner as incapable of doing wrong, though to the extent of perceiving the partner to be incapable of anything really, that they have to wait on them hand and foot, trying to save them from the evils of the world. Both these types look compatible with each other at first , however, a balance is needed for anything good to last long. Both needs to work hard for a relationship, avoiding unrealistic expectations along the way. Though expectations are generally good, unrealistic ones or magical ones like the partner will be prince charming within a snap of a finger would lead them lost en route to romance. There is nothing wrong with believing the best about people, but understand that there would be bumps into the road, and patience, compromise, and understanding is important. 
Unchecked Baggage.
What is the biggest type of baggage which will stop the best relationship in its tracks? Unresolved emotional issues. All of us are broken. All of us carry around wounds we've received from our past. The key to effectively deal with them is how willing we are to examine them, understand them, and work through them. Leave them unchecked, and we'll be likely to encounter the same problems in every relationship we start. People are of free will, the don't need to deal with our problems, but if somehow they chose to see through life with us, don't treat them like punching bags for us to vent off our past angsts. They enter our lives to enhance our quality of living (in various ways). Treat them the way we want to be treated. We don't know what they have to go through just to carve a smile on our face. Sometimes the littlest of things can mean a whole lot.

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