Thursday, 16 June 2016


This is not a love poem,
Today I have nothing loving to say.

Today I've had a big fat black cloud,
Hovering above my head all day.

I didn't catch the sunrise,
The bird didn't whistle or sing my song.

I guess it's gonna be one of those bad days,
All day long.

This big fat cloud is stalking me,
I wish it would go away.

It doesn't seem very likely,
It seems like it's here to stay!

This cloud is stubborn, it is relentless,
I guess it's going to rain and hail bucket loads on me.

I wish I could escape this feeling,
And fly to the forest or the sea!

This is where I'm happy, alone,
Where the clouds can't rain on my parade.

Instead I have to stay here, fake a smile,
And continue with my charade.

I told you this is not a love poem,
The clouds won't leave me alone.

These clouds won't quit until it turns my heart into stone.

This is not a love poem,
Today I have nothing loving to say,
I will pray tomorrow that I will catch the sunrise,
And that the birds will whistle and sing my song,

Coz I can't handle another cloudy bad day,
This has dragged on too long!

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