Saturday, 17 September 2016


Nobody knows how different I am
The outside of me is not afraid
Not full of pain, or even ashamed
I smile and all those ignorant fools believe
Of course nothing could be wrong with me
My eyes are dry, I do not shed tears
For that gift was taken away from me dear
I laugh and talk and play along
Keep on existing as if nothings wrong

Nobody knows how different I am
The inside of me is hollow and empty
Do not fret my dear, for I do not want your pity
I'm tattered and broken and beyond repair
My heart is crumbling and full of despair
I'm bloodied and beaten and not really living
I just go through these motions and continue existing
I'm scared and lost and clueless as can be
Is there no one out here to help me

Nobody knows how different I am
And that will never change

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