Monday, 26 December 2016

When someone you thought would always choose you, being replaced hurts twice as being rejected. It just ruins you. It breaks you apart – trust, belief, self-worth and even morals. You could never look at the person or love the same way again. You will always doubt and be scared and never be out there, like totally out there

You will actually pray you will forget everything and re-start to the time you didn’t know that person or to that time that person’s existence didn’t mean anything to you.

You get this perception in your minds that you miss the person you're close with, but it’s the idea of them that gives you the heartache. It is rather the things you connect them with and the little things that have etched themselves into you.

You lose them everytime you think of them. You lose them again doing things you used to do together. All day you lose them. At night, thoughts of what once were lul you to sleep. In the morning you wake up, and you start losing them again. You're way past broken. But you keep it in because, the one person you wanted to care, doesn't.

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